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Lightbulb Re: Is Algebra Necessary?

I tutored math for 2 years between Algebra 1 and Geometry.

One problem I've found is that most kids just see xyxyzy112+x^2(q), or a jumble of meaningless characters. Algebra is something that many students conceptualize as having no definite form, process, or structure.

A lot of students I have tutored also fail to take a broader look at equations. It seems like some students treat it as "step one, step two, step hundred threety three, answer here, repeat 50 times." I feel, though, as if most equations are generalized to begin with and the process of solving such equations means converting that generalization into a more specific form which can be used to solve the problem.

The article talks about how algebra is not necessary for most people because most people simply do not have jobs which require algebra, such as STEM jobs. This is FIRST, of course, so we know what to say about that.

I can't think of anything more to say.
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