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Re: HOW TO launch at startup on a Pi3

Originally Posted by Cabey4 View Post
Those guides look super useful. I remember when trying to get OpenCV and stuff installed for the first time, back in 2016, it was an absolute nightmare.

I would recommend adding this to PDR (programming done right.) It's an online guide to FRC programming, and a lot of the content on there is really good.
You can check it out here -

The github repo is at - just fork it, add your documentation to the vision section, and submit a pull request.

Note: you will need to change your files from markdown (.md) to reStructured Text (.rst). They're very similar formats and you can probably do it manually, or you can use pandoc - see or
I have actually never heard about this! As the lead programmer on 1100 as a sophomore, I didn't get a ton of info from the seniors who left last year. I will be contributing there, to help other kids like me in the future.
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