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Re: You know you've been in the shop too long this weekend if:

when someone says where's the sharpie and you have a sixth sense to know exactly where it is

you make a metal shaving angel instead of a snow angel

you smell like melting plexiglass / lexan

you wonder what that orb of light is in the sky while on the way home after the robot ships

you find the squeaks of hardened steel on the lathe soothing

your bedroom stays clean for the full 6 weeks

you cross state lines only to get a certain type of mountain dew (livewire) because they do not sell it in your state and then sell it to others on the team

you're at the school more than the janitors

you know where everything is at in the mess called a parts closet

you're at work and hear the maintenance guy grinding on something and wonder where the dremel went

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