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Re: You know you've been in the shop too long this weekend if:

when you go to jack in the box at 12am and when they tell you that they are out of chibata bread and someone yells "por que" at the guy takin your order

when you go to IHOP at 7am after workin for 21 hours soo you can take a nap

when you use foam as a bed

when you start to see what happens at night to your mentors after sleep deprivation

when you fall asleep on a rolly cart made of wood

when you spend 93 dollars at starbucks on coffee

when you have chuging contest of moutain dew

when all you think about is how to stay away from home

when you become soo sleep deprived that you dont rememeber what happened like 2 min ago

when you are woken up after a ten minutes nap by shouts of "TEN IN TEN TEN IN TEN"

When you leave for home and it is still light out side, due to days of elapsed time

you have eclip races for entertainment

your english papers end up having robot drawings instaed of actual words

which energy drink is most effective is a serious matter of concern

when u have an argument on how long it takes to get to a starbucks

when all food starts to taste like aluminum shavings and tap magic

a massive game of "ROBOT" is played using the goal

when half your poof balls have large chunks ripped out of them from out of line bevel gears

you go to school for the sole reason that you need four classes to come to robotics

sleep becomes a five letter words and is associated with 'weak' and 'never'

you start wondering what size bolts would fit through holes on badges and key chains

every piece of clothing you own has metal shavings somewhere

a collective cheer is sounded when the new plate is half an oz. lighter

instead of lint in your pockets u have bolts, nuts, washers, aluminum shavings, zip ties.. etc..

you actually find a way to run out of zip ties

u spend hours tryin to find a way to make ur robot weigh ur team number

P.S. most of these happened over the weekend to someone or another on our team
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