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Smile Re: If you could write the default code...

The question I guess I have to ask is (and this is more directed at the content of the site than the actual idea), is that necessary? I mean it's cool and I like the idea, don't get me wrong. And I was the one defending shifting in drive trains, even though it's not necessary... But still, I think you kind of reach a point where you have to ask yourself, just how much processing power do you need? I mean, for most people, all their code does is map joysticks to motors (well ok, a little more than that but still). And if it really bothers you that much to write something in C, well maybe programming isn't for you .

I guess I just think it's kind of nice to program in a somewhat limitted environment because it makes it more challenging and fun.

EDIT: And this isn't just directed at you... I see a lot of people working on coprocessor projects and kind of wonder about it - no one seems to really use the power once they have it.

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