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Re: If you could write the default code...

Originally Posted by Joe Ross
It's a bad idea to modify ifi_aliases.h. If IFI ever releases a new version of the default code with a new ifi_aliases.h, you'll have to redo all your changes which leads to errors and extra work. It's also almost impossible to pass your code on to the next set of programmers.

Instead, you should create a new file, perhaps "kyles_aliases.h" and add everything you want there.
If I want to add to the end of it, it's just a quick copy and paste; it's almost as simple as typing in include 'user_aliases.h';.

Speaking of which, I think any upgrades to the code should come in some kind of format (interpreted by the IDE, of course) which checks to see if the old blocks they replace are still intact and then and only then replacing them with the new ones. Having to re-insert all kinds of new sections of code in the event of an update is a real pain, and updates are sometimes neccessary.

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