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Originally posted by mike o'leary
first of all, no offence to anyone connected to the public school system was intended by my post.
my only experiance with public schools is milton public. which, as i mentioned in my previous post, is on probation. i didnt mention that milton is the epitome of suburbia, but it is. in my experiance the teachers treated the classes as jokes - for example, teacher were suprised when fewer then 10 students failed to complete less then 20 homework assignments per term. i went to classrooms that were really converted locker rooms, janitors closets, and even in one case an old bathroom. there were espestos problems. the electrical system in my elementary school was so old and frankly dangerous that we had on average at least 1 electrical fire per month. recently it was discovered that the towns school committee, or at least some of its members, were involved in a scheme through which they siphoned millions of dollars out of the schools budget and into their wallets.
it might well be unfair for me to say that all public schools are the same, but i can only speak from my experiance. and my experiance left much to be desired.
i am not the greatest or most modivated student by a long shot (i found it hard to be scholarly when the first textbook i ever saw was in 6th grade, at which point we had books so disgusting that you could hardly read them...thats what happens to books when middle schoolers handle them and the book is older then the student). i beyond fell through the cracks though. by 3rd grade i had teachers telling my parents that i was a slow student and had trouble keeping up with the other kids and that i should probably be in special ed. at bc high my gpa is still low (around a 2.6 overall). does that qualify me as a slow student? i think not. these teachers would be shocked, if they even remembered me, which i doubt, that i got a 1500 on my psats.
Just because you went to one doesn't mean you went to them all...and seeing that it is on just stereotyped and assume...NOT COOL.

That one experience doesn't stack up against the thousands of other experiences...

Its like saying that because public schools usually rank higher than alot of private schools at FIRST competitions means they are better...and vice versa (depending on the year)...there are too many variations. You've just offended ALOT of people who went to public schools--I'm one of them.

SATs mean nothing to grades do, and so do my extracurricular activities.

It doesn't matter where you go for high school, as long as you do your best and you show colleges that. To me, as long as you get a good education, it doesn't matter if you have to pay for high school or not. Also, as long as you like where you are. Those are the key factors.
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