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My high school is great, exept for the fact that they "dont have money for FIRST". In fact we are one of the ritchest districts in the nation... my team built its robot in a tech lab that consisted of a PC computer lab (26 P200 w/164 mb ram or somthing), a fully functional metal shop (welding and everything) and more tech toys then one could hope for.

But like i said this didn't find its way to first. While our hockey team was travling for free to at least 5 tournaments a year, we didn't even get enough to make a difference for our trip to NYC (and we went the cheap way).

We didn't get any reconition until we got on the front page of our local paper. That day i got 3 letters from school officials congradulating me for my hard work... and how great FIRST was and everything like that, that stopped within a week.

Maybe it would have helped if we had done better at regionals... i dont know, all i know is that FIRST teams deserve at least as much regonition as sports teams from school districts.

my 3 cents
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