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Originally posted by JosephM
Most people who question the segway don't know it that well.
Most people who question anything have a healthy bit of cynicism running through their veins.

The Segway has the potential to change the way we design cities. As does the bicycle. And Reebok. The Segway itself, while technologically nifty, isn't really all that earth shattering given what it provides. The Stirling Cycle engine's possibilities for impact are far, far greater, I'd argue.

The Segway won't change the world. We will. It's the people who buck convention and challenge tradition that make the world a safer, happier place to live. If Segway is what it takes to get people to adopt environmentally friendly, societally palatable new ways of constructing cities, cultural centers and towns, that's amazing. If it's the next big thing to come along, that's great, too.

It's not about the technology, or the wow factor or whether or not it comes from Dean Kamen - it's about the people. All of this is. I've seen amazing robots, I've been surprised to see how effortlessly the Segway maintains its balance, and I've been awestruck by the number of amazing, varied things Dean Kamen has accomplished, but, above all else, I am continually amazed by the strength, conviction and sincerity of the people I've met.

Question Segway. Question the government. Your parents. Your teachers. Your supervisor. Question nature. The world. Don't ever get so set in your ways that change becomes impossible. Change should be inevitable, not impossible.

Whether it's a Segway or a cocktail of drugs to cure AIDS, if we stop looking forward and fixate our attention and adoration and imagination on singular objects, places, or moments in time, we are doing the entire world a disservice.
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