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Note: This has not been an attack in any way on Dean, the Segway, technology or the society we live in. Its purpose is to try to make people to look at the world they live in.

I am not saying that we should stop using the technology we have, the wash machine is a wonderfull invention and saves and inordante amount of time. It seems to me that basic moving around is one of the last annoyances that has not been solved by a fully automated, compact, easy-to-use toy.

I am not saying the Segway is a bad thing, and I would like you to know that I am not the ignoramus society presumes anyone is that raises a question about an idea it blindly believes in. I am saying that not all of society is ready for the technology that we feed ourselves. We, as a whole, use technology as a crutch instead of using it to advance our potential as a species.

New inventions should never be banned...I feel that nothing should be banned from use by people in a society. Banning items and overall censorship just proves that society lacks trust in itself. Unfortunately, that mistrust comes from years of people taking advantage of society's trust and resisting progress.

More often than not, we engineers walk through life fixing problems with solutions that their society is not ready for. Throughout history, many great thinkers were persecuted because society wasn’t ready for and resisted change. Our society’s willingness to accept and embrace change has been improved by the accelerated nature of the technologically inclined world, but still lags noticeably behind the innovative minds that feed it.

Anyway, I wish I had the money to play around with a Segway and all the new, cool toys of tomorrow, but I have to wait until I complete my remaining years of college and as many years in the “real world” as it takes to attain a position where I can afford such things.

I wish the world could mirror what I believe the FIRST society has been, is and will be.

Only by challenging the past, present and future do we achieve progress.

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