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Re: Blue Wins

Originally Posted by Caleb Sykes View Post
Blue light has higher energy than red light as well, and since E=mc^2, the side with blue lights will weigh slightly more than the side with red lights, pulling down the scale a bit towards blue.
Yes, exactly. And since the particles created at the quantum level when you convert that energy to mass all have positive spin, the Coriolis effect will cause those particles to exert a net downward momentum on the power cubes, at least in the northern hemisphere (which I alluded to in my earlier post). In the southern hemisphere, this momentum will be upward which will cancel out the affect of the heat generated lift on the red platform thus producing a fair game.

One could argue that the Houston Championships was therefore a better tournament than the Detroit Championships, at least for the red alliance. But I am not willing to go quite that far without first solving the Stern–Gerlach experiment accounting for the proximity of the magnetic north pole relative to Ford Field. I have postulated that due to relativistic effects, the shift in the angular momentum due to this nearby magnetic pole may in fact have caused the power cubes on the blue side of the switch and scale to move closer to the fulcrum when being launched and thereby reduce their average moment arm. Thus the matches that were played with a greater number of launches would result in a higher probability of a win for red whereas dropping the cubes would have favored blue, at least in Detroit (this effect is stronger near the magnetic pole). I am still performing the Chi squared analysis of the match data to confirm this theory.
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