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Re: The Confederate State of America

I don't believe that Matt started this post to create controversy. I think he just wanted to make people aware of it. If this was about the new X-Men movie, there would be no debate about its validity on the forums.

During the 2004 election, there was a great deal of debate over whether political topics should be discussed on these forums. Decisions were made to eliminate political banners in signatures, for example. However, it was agreed that political discussion could happen in the chit-chat forum.

I saw CSA with Matt. While it can be considered offensive, it's more of a way to provoke thoughts about what can happen when governments make bad decisions.

As long as the discussion remains civil, I see no reason to close this thread. This is a discussion about a film, not necessarily the politics behind it. Worry about conflicts when they arise, not when there's merely a slight amount of potential for argument.
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