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Wink Re: Solidworks tips and tricks

The direction you pull in when doing box select matters. When you pull to the right, it selects only the objects completely contained within the box (the box is blue then.) If you pull to the left, it selects all objects that are even partially in the box (it's dotted green then.)

FilletXpert. Use it. In the standard fillet property manager, during creation, you can switch it from manual to FilletXpert, allowing the program to intelligently extrapolate which edges you want to round. Once you click on an edge,

Change your menu layouts. How are extend edge and split edge not standard options on the sketch panel? (I know they're under other stuff, but they're useful enough that they shouldn't be.)

Weldments. Learn to use them, learn to love them. Never make a frame out of separate part files again. I know it can't do everything, but it can do quite a lot.

New Part. In assembly, it's under Insert Part by default (I've got it up along side it, though.) It allows easy creation of in context parts, totally relative to another part. Absolutely wonderful.

Mirroring in sketches. Saves half the time. Need I say more?
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