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Re: Is there a gyro in the kit?

Originally Posted by EricH View Post
So here's the thing.

If you look at the list for the Kickoff Kit, there isn't one.

The problem with that is that that's not the entire KOP.

Do you have 5 FIRST Choice credits left? If so, you're in luck! (Actually... 10, so you can get 2. Trust me.) I'll let you dig through to find out why I say that.

Have you used your vouchers yet? Specifically, AutomationDirect and/or Digikey? If not, you should! That's $35 and $50, respectively, towards a gyro.

The short answer is: Yes, but not physically present. You have to order it.
We are a rookie team, so we can't use FIRST choice We would also like to have it before Sacramento regional, which is coming up soon (this we need to order it by tomorrow), so I will just spend the $35, it's not much for the benefit it provides.
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