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Unread 04-21-2004, 05:50 PM
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Re: Best robots at Nationals

The best autonomous modes I thought were 980 and 190 hands down... although I never got to see 190 in person, only on video.

Otherwise, Galileo: 980 (capping) , 177 (balls) , and 93 (ball drop catching) were consistently impressive. 868 and 1305 each hung in at least 6 of the qualifying rounds.

Archimedes: 111 (capping and hanging), 33 (balls and hanging), 45 (balls and capping for the most part), 71 (the capping while hanging thing is still just plain awesome...), and I still love 1241.

Newton: HOT bot (67) will always be my favorite bot from watching the finals over there so much fun to watch with all the different things they did.

Curie I didn't get to see

Hard to choose just a few BEST robots when there were so many good ones...