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Re: Best robots at Nationals

Originally Posted by Swampdude
I don't recall ever being shocked by a robot. But 190 definitely me. We were waiting for our match to start and I saw a match start with them without prior knoledge of what they did. As I saw them go on the ramp from the front in Auto, I thought to my self, "whoops". But then it got past the stationary goal "after bumping into the pvc and ....
I have to agree with u dude. 190 was a great robot. It had a perfect atonomous mode. PERFECT. i'm so glad that we were able to pick u guys. I wish we could have done better and betten Buzz. O well, there's always next year. I cant wait to see what 190 comes up with, there robot has definately put them in the catagory of robots to watch out for and admire.

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