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Re: Girls on Teams

Originally Posted by soezgg View Post

The problem is, none of them take real initiative to do any of the design work, or fundraising or chairmans stuff. One of the parents on the team blame it on intimidation, most of us guys are pretty scary I guess.

I am trying to make them do more work and get involved, but its hard, Im not quite sure that they have the desire to learn, and if they dont, they are on the team for the wrong reasons.
I am really disappointed to hear this,because I believe that females should be leaders in this type field as much as men are; I believe that they should be as "scary" as the guys.

But I cannot completely say that women are not ding their part, because our team is proof of it.
Out of the 50 members in our team 19 of them are girls, including myself. And I am very proud to say that they do , if not more, the same amount of work as the boys on our team.
We have girls that have jobs from making the Scrap book to girls that take care of all the electronics! The girls on our team have learned that nothing is impossible because they are women and because society has made things how they are. They might be women on the outside, but in the inside they are as alike as a man.
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