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Between FIRST and FIRST Camps ive met more people that ive made lasting friendships with than i have in the past 17 years that ive been alive. Without FIRST i would never have met my boyfriend or know most of the people i know. some of the people that i am friends with now i wouldnt be friends with without FIRST because we just would have hung with different crowds but now i couldnt imagine not having them there to hang with or something cause their just awesome people. some of the most exciting people i know i only know because they are/were our engineers for our team. i remember Fresman year we had one of the funniest guys as our Animation engineer and whenever we would hold meetings he would just make them so much more interesting. He helped me feel like i fit in on this team so much more than i would have just because of his attitude. I am so glad i joined FIRST not only for the amout of fun it is but for the amount of great people i have meet through the program. I am always telling my friends about this kid or that kid that ive meet through FIRST. The friendships that ive made through FIRST i hope will be ones that dont break ever.
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