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Re: 2012 Lessons Learned:The Negative

Originally Posted by omalleyj View Post
Ooops, Forgot my Kinect Rant:

Why was a device made to track humans put in areas where humans (other than the human player) could easily walk through? At every event (we went to 4) we had instances of people including photographers and field personnel walk through or into the Kinect area during hybrid. There needs to be something more than lines on the floor, especially when so few teams utilize the Kinect.

How about "Drivers behind the lines; confused bystanders out of the Kinect areas; 3, 2, 1, GO."
At the MAR Championship, we were blocking the Kinect area from the time we got the green light to the time hybrid ended. Our field supervisors made sure that nobody and I mean NOBODY (I had to keep some of the esteemed VIPs from walking through) through until hybrid was over. We made it a point that teams who used Kinect weren't interfered with during its operation.

To comment on the thread: I like the new radio (mainly because of the AP option for team use) but something with a faster boot time needs to be used. Also, the communication issues I witnessed at the MAR Championship were disgraceful. Teams sometimes spent 7 or 8 minutes with the FTA to get their robot connected, only to have it lose comms a few seconds in to the match (1676 comes to mind here). It was a shame.

Also, an issue I was personally affected by was the method to dislodge balls from the baskets. During the MAR Championship elimination tournament, alliance 1 (341, 25, 1640) clogged the basket in hybrid with no fewer than 6 balls. I was behind the basket attempting to nudge them lose, to no avail, so we had to restart due to a field malfunction. As I came out on to the field, I fake cried and said, "They just wouldn't stop coming! They just wouldn't stop!" I was told by 25's coach that they shot on something like 5,6,7,8, and 9 second marks, so I just had to be ready. I jokingly replied with "So I get .5 seconds to react? Sweet!" We both laughed and got back to the match.

Anyway, something to prevent the jamming of game pieces needs to be implemented any time something like this year's game is done. A pole to poke the balls wasn't nearly effective enough.
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