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start-of-school recruiting help

Hi everyone,

It's that's time of year again. School is starting and that means new freshmen arriving. Our school has a freshman orientation day with a club fair where all the clubs can try to recruit. Unfortunately, none of the clubs/teams get much space and we have to compete with the inflatables that are set up in the gym.

We are looking for a better way to let these freshmen know about robotics.

We have a lot of cool things we can advertise, like:

1) robots. They are cool.
2) we have food at our meetings
3) we travel to a lot of cool places and miss a lot of school
4) the robotics teams have won more trophies than all the athletic teams combined in the last couple of years
5) we try to emphasize the business and outreach opportunities
6) looks great on college applications

but even when we have robots available for the kids to drive they are still often doubtful and say things such as "I'm not smart enough" or "I'm afraid I'll break the robot."

We're a small FRC team (10-15 returning members) that also does FTC in the fall. Our incoming class is probably about 100 freshmen (400 total kids at our school).

Does anyone have anything they can share with us about how you recruit new members? We mentor a lot of FLL teams at our feeder schools so expect to grow quickly in a couple of years, but we need a way to get kids who have never done robotics involved as well.
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