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Re: C++ vs. Java (speed considerations only)

[quote=JesseK;1180245]My professional answer is: it depends. For generic software that doesn't use specific hardware implementations, the results aren't quite as intuitive since post-JIT processing will be at least as fast as C++ (i.e. after the same cycle has run a few times).

For hardware-based operations (OpenGL, OpenCV, custom hardware interfaces like radios) C++ is typically faster latency-wise, yet processing wise it's the same as Java. This is only due to the JNI code layer, and is implementation dependent (i.e. most of the time it isn't a noticeable difference unless you're shoving MB's of data through the code per second).[quote]

I agree with you on the first part. The second part I very muc disagree with the MB's of data. I work for a company that does e-discovery. Our main processing system is entirely java. It is able to process Almost 100gb per hour depending on the media. Just today we processed 1.2GB of mail storage in 45 seconds.