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Re: 3D Printed Gearbox for Denso Throttle Motor Available

UPDATE: After a full season running our gear handler with two of these gear boxes as well as a bunch of off season events we finally opened then to see how the gears fared. Honestly I could not tell the difference between the used gears and what they looked like new. We probably had close to 1000 actuations if you include practice and off season events.

During our the first week of competition we removed the limit switches and just ran the motors into hard open and closed stops. The limit switches failed regularly causing issues so we decided to just run to hard stops. I though for sure this would damage the gears, but I could not find any wear once the gearboxes were opened. Note that we were not using full power, but I think it was around 60% so there is a good chance they would survive a full power stop.

One last note was that we used "Super Lube" to grease the gears. That seemed to work very well and did not degrade the plastic as far as I could tell.

Sorry I don't have pictures of the gears, but honestly you could not tell them from new. I think the whole system is over-designed.
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