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Re: Gimp vs Photoshop

Originally Posted by DMetalKong View Post
I use Gimp with the addin Gimp Paint Studio which rearranges the window locations as well as adding a number of useful brushes and tool sets. For most uses, I feel like it is just about as functional as Photoshop. I can second Inkscape as a vector editor, I use it all the time. Another good free program is Scribus, which is useful for creating page layouts. I suggest getting the release candidate, as it is much better-featured than the stable version.

It is a good addon, but you might as well, use Krita for painting, or even Mypaint.

Inkscape, is also highly recommended. Even though I do not use it.
Photoshop and both GIMP are excellent tools, if you can use them that is. I per GIMP since its FOSS. But their development team has been pretty...urggh