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Re: [Official 2005 Game Design] OK, so YOU design the 2005 game...

2005 Game Submission

*NOTE* This was written off line in a word processing document, so sorry if anything is repeated. *END*

FIRST grows, FIRST is living, FIRST also to my intuition also loves to throw back at us what we least expect. All of these suggestions I’ve made should be déja vu for everyone, every element is based on a previous game, but there are a few new ideas and concepts to throw everyone off guard. Hopefully, my game is like fusion quisine, it uses common ideas in unconventional ways.

Here’s my fictitious Kick-Off idea scenario....

Dean: “Lets waste no more time, let’s reveal this year’s game.”
Woodie: “I agree Dean. When we designed this game, we intended for this game to be played by the most dedicated veterans, yet also the newest of under equipped rookies. So, for the third year, we have locked Dave up during the winter holiday...”
Dave: “Yeah, you still have to give me my car keys back you guys...”
Dean: “You’re not free yet Dave...”
*Laughs from audience*
Woodie: “Well, lets roll it!”

*movie plays, Dave narrates*

Welcome to the 2005 FIRST Robotics Competition Game, FIRST Frenzy: Ramp Rampage. The game features a giant 10 by 6 ramp with 20 bins, a large bin of 30 balls above it, and two 8 foot goals on the sides of the ramp. The game starts when robots on two alliances start with their back to the wall, and head to the ramp. The robots must head towards the ramp and either push it down (it starts balanced) or push it up. The bins will fall onto either the red or blue side, while the balls will fall onto the other side. Robots them must stack bins (bins that count for the score must be in a stack at least 2 bins stacked tall) bins, or herd balls to their human players. Robots will travel up and over the ramps to steal other team’s stacks, bins, or balls, and then put them onto their side. While there isn’t a minimum count for the goals to count, there will be a net that will automatically lowered or raised ontop of the goal. If the ramp allows for the red team to cross by having it leaning towards their side, the goal for their team will be uncovered. Same for the blue team, but if the ramp is balanced, then both goals will be uncovered. Then after 1:45, the teams have the option of either entering autonomous mode, or stay in human control mode. If the team chooses auton, their score will be doubled by 2. If they choose human control, the final score for that team will be lowered 10 points. In the last 15 seconds, all the goals will be uncapped, and the robots will fight to gain control of the tilting ramp. If a robot lasts till the end while balanced on the ramp, that team will be awarded 25 points per robot. After the match ends, each team will be awarded one point per ball, and one point per bin stacked in stacks bigger than two.

*movie ends*


D: “Now, lets unveil the field!”

*music plays*

Game is unvailed....

Anyway, that’s my idea for the game. Here’s some ways this will work...

*For teams to enter auton, both new auton buttons must be pressed by the human player on a pole behind the drivers. Only the human player can flip the case (imagine those war movies where you have to flip the cover, then press the button) and press the button and hold it in until auton activates. Now, one robot can be activated for auton, and the other can be still in human control, but the total will not be multiplied by 2, but instead nothing will be added or subtracted to the score.

*The net will be raised and lowered by an automatic sensor that detects the ramp’s position, only if it is completely touching the ground will it be raised, and only if it is balanced will they both be raised. The net will be be raised with a motor.

*The balls will fall via a trap door onto the appropriate side. The trap door will fall down allowing the balls to spill onto the right side. The door can either tilt left or right, allowing for a gap between the side panels and the door for balls to fall through.

*The bins will be stacked in 4 rows of 5 in the middle of the platform. They will be the same bins as 2003.

*The ball container on top will be 10 feet off the ground, right above the ramp.

*The ball container’s bottom will have an infrared bottom, so the robots can use infrared to get on the ramp. Gyros will also be added to the kit to keep the platform balanced by robots.

*A large lexan barrier will be placed next to the ball dump area to prevent the balls from escapeing.

*Balls will be herded to the human players like the 2004 game.

*Balls cannot be scored by robots, and bins will not be placed by human players.

Field diagram will be added in the attachment. Hope you enjoyed my game, FIRST Frenzy: Ramp Rampage!
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