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Mike Ciance
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Lightbulb Re: [Official 2005 Game Design] OK, so YOU design the 2005 game...

i've already posted many elements of this on other threads but here is the whole thing:

it is called "Cylinder Squares"

the field has red and blue scoring zones against the opposite stations which are lowered 2 inches from the floor level. on each side of the field (the long way) are platforms similar to last year's; 2 6-inch steps. going down the middle of the field would be a 3-foot transparent wall with a gap in the center big enough for one robot. there will be a bar adjoining the two wall sections at the tops.

at the foot-high sections of each of the side platforms will be 6 cylinders (12 in total). these will moved into the scoring zones by the robots, and the score for them will be the number of cylinders squared (1 gets 1 point, 9 get 81 points, etc) as i've said in 2 other posts, this will make the game very exciting and hectic. so the cylinders can be picked up more easily, they will have two holes going all the way through (the short ways) forming an X in the center.

for robot placement scoring, 25 points will be given to robots on the platforms, and 50 points will be given to robots only touching the bar and/or a small designated area of carpet below the bar.

if you want to give your opinion, send me a private message