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Re: [FTC]: Cryptobox Detection

A vision solution could be something along the following: (I'm not super familiar with Vuforia so this is just computer vision methods that might work)

1a)Use HSV color filtering to find the side post of the box.

1b) Could also probly use edege finding and find the 4 long box shaped edges

1c) Or a combination of both (if you got these working well together it would provied a more robust system. Always a good thing)

2) Check that the contores are roughly square shaped and that there are four long ones.

3) Find the center of each column (find the midpoint of beteen each coloum), and order the coloums 1-3.

4) From the infromation found in the picture figuer out which coloum (1-3) you want to place the glyph in.

5) Clacuate the angle to targeted colum

6) Use a combination of gyro, distances sensor, and encoder to drive to said coloum.

This system plobly would be more complecated than most but with proper devopment and impliementaion it should be abel to find the gliphbox location and drive to the right column form a wider range of posisions.

Hope this helps.
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