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Re: What are the requirements you need to meet for extra needed unbag time?

We have week 6 on its way. I just don't think 6 hours will be nearly enough time to even test and diagnose the issue, on top of the other necessary fixes our robot needs. I understand robotics and troubleshooting in general is supposed to be difficult, but if an FTA + CSA + several other knowledgeable people can't find the source, I feel like we are a special case. To put it in perspective, if this issue is not fixed by/at competition, our sponsors have wasted thousands of dollars for us to not compete. Yes, FIRST is supposed to be about everything you learn on the way, but you can't deny the fact that there is still the competition element. If FIRST was completely about meeting new people, why wouldn't they just host get-togethers? If FIRST was completely about learning how to build robots, why wouldn't they just sponsor schools to have robotics classes?

I feel like our issue is different than most. We have a massive amount of stacked issues and haven't had the time to test specific parts and pieces for failures. Yes, other teams have that type of issue, but we were the only robot at our week 1 event that was flat-out not able to perform for half of our matches. In fact, the only other team that I have heard of that has only been able to perform only as much as we have is 4201.

We would only use our time to test and diagnose this problem, not even to do the work to actually fix it. This would put us into a position where we will only take the time to find the reason why we can't compete. It wouldn't be an unfair advantage, it would actually be leveling the playing field. Think about the other robots that get partnered up with us, all setup with a disadvantage of playing 2v3. Now our issue is interfering with other teams' opportunities to succeed in competition. If they need someone to oversee us, the FTA assigned to us at the competition told me he is able to work with us when our robot is unbagged.

This was a long, unnecessary explanation for Chief Delphi, but I'm pretty upset with our current situation and it's how I feel about it. We would ask FIRST for the time, I was just asking here to see if it stood a chance of going through.
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