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Re: paper: Killer Bees BuzzXVII 2012 Code

Originally Posted by kenavt View Post
I won't comment for our driver!
I WILL comment here. As Colin said, we used standard Tank Drive for the Kettering University district and the Northville district competitions, before switching to the Halo Drive/Cheesy Drive for MSC and Championship.

I drove the 2011 robot at four off-season events (IGVC, MARC, IRI, and Kettering Kickoff) with standard two-stick tank drive. The Mecanum wheels on that robot required a far different style of driving because of what we like to call the "drunk drive" inherent with Mecanum wheels - that is, the drift that one can experience because of the rollers - and because the rollers on the wheels allow the robot to quite easily turn in place. In 2010 and 2011 we used two-stick tank drives with our robots and placed our strafe function on the triggers of the driver's Xbox controller.

This year, with the lack of the omni-directional drive-train, it made more sense, in retrospect, to use a drive system where turning and "throttle" were separate, because robots that can't strafe drive more like one would expect a wheeled vehicle to drive, and, because of this year's game, being able to drive in a straight line without having to think about it was handy (for example, while attempting to balance the field bridges). The intuitiveness of this drive made it more manageable for me to focus on the other functions on the driver controller for this year's robot in contrast to last year's robot, where the driver's controller literally only controlled the robot's drive-train. I was honestly surprised by how much I liked using the Halo Drive vs. the standard tank drive, and I'm sure the system will become part of the team's library of "good decisions" to tweak, reevaluate, and potentially use again in the future.

To echo Colin, thanks to Andrew for providing the drive code to allow us to make the switch so late in the season.
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