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Re: 2012 Hawaii Regional

Great idea to start planning for alliance balancing. The three robot balance is a game changer just like the super fast minibots were last year. We didn't give as much thought to the balancing challenge as we should have, but we did build a wide bot and we do have a working tilter that we kept as part of our 30 lb allowance so that we could improve it. We tested our tilter on a fully weighted bridge so we should be able to tilt the competition bridge.

Our main balancing issue is that we went with standard AM mecanum wheels so we don't have much traction on the polycarb. We can climb and balance on our own, but it's a little dicey. We're hoping to have a partner with good traction that will slowly "push" us up the bridge for the two robot balance. For a triple balance we'd have to be the middle bot as we don't have the traction or weight distribution to hang a wheel off the end. Our robot weighs about 110 pounds without bumpers or battery.

Good job in SD Falcons! I felt your pain when you broke down at the end of the quarters. We had drive chain issues throughout the Breakaway game so we know how frustrating that is.

Good luck to the teams going to Oregon! We'll be rooting for you!
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