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Re: 2012 Hawaii Regional

Originally Posted by TerryS View Post
...we did build a wide bot and we do have a working tilter that we kept as part of our 30 lb allowance so that we could improve it. We tested our tilter on a fully weighted bridge so we should be able to tilt the competition bridge.
Could you explain your tilter mechanism more? Is it for tilting a bridge that has robot on it so you can get onto the bridge? Or, is more like 148's "foot" or as I like to call it, the "stinger" (since their robot is named Scorpion) that pushes the bridge up while robots are on it?

As for us, Team 2348 has a reasonable tilting mechanism to get onto the bridge and we have the ultrasonic to tell us the correct distance so we aren't pushing the robot onto our bumper (assuming bridge is not wobbling). We are using mecanum wheels also and can rotate on the bridge to be oriented either way. Our drivers have had some decent practice at our scrimmage, so balancing alone is very likely.
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