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435 - Missing Ponies (I'm not even Joking) Please Help

Team 435 likes to decorate our pit. While our robot was gone, we put our My Little Pony figurines around our pit. We had quite a bit of fun with people stopping by and talking about ponies. During Lunch (or dinner, or a match can't remember when), The ponies were taken. Because of their placement, I'm guessing/hoping that team's thought they were handouts, like our buttons, bracelets, and balls. We would really like them back. We submitted a lost and found report to the pit admin, but they won't announce it. I don't know whether that's the rules or if they don't believe us and want to stop prank announcements.

We would really appreciate everyone's help. If you took one, or if you see someone with one, please help us get them back. Several of our members are upset (as the ponies were their personal possessions they had paid for), and we don't have access to a printer, else we would print fliers. (Pony 2012? )

Several members are also angry, as they saw this as a deliberate theft. I have a high opinion of all FIRST members, and I extremely doubt that they would steal something. I'm trying to calm these members down, but I'm afraid that this is tainting the fun experience that Championship is supposed to be.

Contacting us:
Our pit is located in the Newton Division, or if you find a pony, you could also take it to pit admin and they should be able to get it to us.

As I mentioned in the title. This is not a joke. You can ask several other teams that have visited, many have asked about or joked about the ponies.