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The old fashioned way...

Sanddrag, in the past FIRST did not allow any fluids that were not lubricants as far as I know. Not being able to regulate the safety factor on the compressed air tanks for FIRST robots would be quite scary to FIRST.

While I am typically a supporter of "drive-by-wire" systems in general, I feel that implementing a drive by wire system may not be as wholly benificial as one may think.

What do I mean by this?

To make a long story short, A FIRST robot is often asked within the course of a match to perform a task that "pushes the envelope of the robot" Placing an indicrimate software restriction on such an action could impede the maximum performance of the robot. Although such a system would certainly allow for consistant, reliable performance, I can think of many many times where a robot "pushed the envelope" and in performing the action could alter the results of a match.

There is still a great deal of credit to be given to an operator who can "feel" how the robot is behaving. While this idea may be a thing of the past and in texts like "The Right Stuff" I have found that to this point, it is difficult to gauge where a software program should draw the line between safety and pushing the envelope.
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