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2012 Picklist Formation and Strategy

I've been thinking a lot about this recently and I thought i'd share my thoughts and get the opinions of others.

I think the ability to triple balance will be neccesary for any alliance planning to win their division. I could be wrong, and something like an 1114 2056 combo could be good enough to outscore their opponents by 7 top baskets (or they could find a way to triple together ), but i'm going to operate under the assumption that we want to triple, generally meaning 2 widebots and a long or 3 widebots.

(note: our robot is a widebot) For alliance selections, I plan to give our representative 2 lists. First a list of the best 30 teams in the opinion of our scouting team, ranked in order from number 1 to number 30. The rankings of these teams however will generally favor wide bots over long bots, meaning a longbot may score higher than a wide bot by a some margin yet the wide orientation is enough to put them above the longbot on our picklist. Our representative will use this list to pick our first robot. The second list will be a list of the 30 best wide robots in order from 1 to 30. If our first pick is a widebot we use the first list again for our second pick. If our first pick is long we use the second list. (this is of course assuming there's enough widebots in the division.)

If you're a longbot then i'd only have one list ranking all the widebots with a few top pick exceptions that would make you're alliance forego the triple.

Generally speaking though, I would think you'd want the top widebot as you're first pick. If you're wide and you pick the best widebot available as you're first pick, then your second pick becomes the best robot still left. If you pick a longbot first your second pick is limited to the best widebot left, and depending on their scarcity that well may be starting to dry up by then, or the gap between the best longbots and widebots left may have become incredibly large.

Anyway, what do you guys think? What are you planning on doing for you're picklists? Do you pick robots to fit your strategy or do you pick the best robots and then form a strategy?

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