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Re: 2012 Picklist Formation and Strategy

Originally Posted by MICHAELABICK View Post
Keep in mind, that those two robots (1114 and 2056 in this example) would actually have to score 11 balls in the same time as a triple, due to the fact that they would only be able to score a single. That being said, it might be possible. 1717 scored 7 balls in about the same time as a double. Assuming a adequate ball supply, two teams(maybe 469 and 1717) could possibly pull it off, but it would really depend on the field conditions at the time. From what I have seen though, the triple can be pulled off pretty quickly. 973 pulled off triples with 3 widebots really easily and quickly, and many of the better teams with stingers should be able to pull a triple off just as quickly.
Do you think two long good shooters might pick each other two try and out score a triple or triple easier to go for then scoring?