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Unread 01-08-2006, 08:06 PM
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FIRST 101 [Special Edition 1]

Hello class!

With the release of our game for the 2006 season, "Aim High", I figured it would be a good idea to add a little insight into what it takes to go through the FIRST season with this, I bring you...


Our day starts in the wonderful city of Manchester NH. Myself and Ms. Jessica Boucher decide to embark on a great adventure to try to find some of our beloved (but rare) game pieces for my current team "CHAOS".

12:00pm - While shopping in Super Stop and Shop for groceries, we check the toy aisle to hope we get lucky in our search quick. Turns up negative...only small 3 dollar Barbie's available.

12:25 - Thinking that even Poof basketball is a sport, we check Sports Authority for the elusive poof...nothing.

12:32 - Models Sporting Goods also does not carry Poof Basketballs...apparently we were wrong about the whole sport thing.

12:40 - A call to Mr. Ted Boucher to find out how team 237 is doing finding balls down in CT. Apparently they found balls hidden in Toys R Us somewhere.

12:45 - We descend into Toys R Us on South Willow St. in Manchester, many small squishy balls...no official Poof.

12:47 - We find a small stuffed puppy in the plush toys aisle that looks like my dog Missy. I want to bring it home but decide that the line is too long to buy it.

12:55 - We arrive at the South Willow St. Walmart, burst into the toy aisle and get excited when we see a large container with many foamy balls. Turns to disappointment when we donít find the poof, and actually see the pricing sticker where they had been wiped out by another Manchester team.

1:10 - Arrive at Mall of New Hampshire...Sears entrance. Sears has everything right?

1:15 - Wrong.

1:17 - We find really cheap tools and stuff in the hardware section. I buy electrical tape, bar-loks, and a massive Carabineer for carrying grocery bags upstairs to my apartment.

1:25 - We descend upon CVS...no poof balls in a drug store.

1:30 - Kay-Bee Toys has nothing...doesn't look like they are doing too well either! Kinda sad for a person like me who grew up on Kay-Bee.

1:35 - Quick stop at the kitchen store to pick up Mario Batalli Spaghetti Sauce...would find out later that it was very yummy.

2:20 - After stopping home quick to drop off groceries, we arrive at the Derry, NH Walmart in hopes of finding the elusive Poof.

2:22 - Lots of Poof Footballs...but no Basketball.

2:22 and 15 seconds - Curses Dave Lavery, Woodie, and the rest of the GDC for not using footballs for this game instead of basketballs.

2:23 - Found evidence that a FIRST team has been at this particular Walmart!

2:23 and 15 seconds - Curses Pinkerton Academy's FIRST team. (They are located in Derry)

2:30 - We stop at the Dollar Store to see if we can cheat the system and find counterfeit Poofs for cheap.

2:35 - Get made fun of by a random person because of our excitement over finding a foam football.

2:36 - Waits til guy leaves then curses Dave and the GDC again for not using footballs.

2:40 - We decide to head about 40 minutes east to a Walmart in Epping NH because Walmart seems to be the only place that HAD them at some point.

3:10 - Arrive at Super Walmart Epping...I don't encourage speeding folks...but sometimes insanity makes you do bad things.

3:11 - My statement to Jess as we walk into Super Walmart..."If there is a Poof ball to be found in NH...it'll be at this Walmart!"

3:13 - Walmart makes me a liar.

3:14 - We find a round ball, 7 inches in diameter, foam...but not the right ball on the rack where the correct ball was supposed to be. Once again...we've been beaten to the punch!

3:20 - We warn the assistant manager of Walmart of the impending rush of people looking for small foam Poof balls.

3:25 - We decide to drive to Concord, NH which is about a half hour north of Manchester, about 50 minutes from our current position.

3:30 - Call goes out to Mr. Tim Baird of team 126. Gael Force having the same problem.

3:50 - Call goes out to Brad Lauer, New England Regional director...also clueless as to where to find balls. I declare Massachusetts officially out of Poof Basketballs.

3:55 - Arrive at Target in Hooksett on the way...not an inkling of a poof.

4:15 - We arrive in Concord and notice another Toys R Us!

4:17 - Walk into the Nerf ball aisle...no poofs.

4:19 - No luck...decide to double check Nerf aisle.

4:22 - Quote Jess..."ANDY ANDY ANDY...LOOK!!!"

4:23 - VICTORY! I smile as I look down into a bin containing all types of Poof balls!

4:24 - Ok its a small victory...we only found two...


4:40 - We decide to hit up Walmart to see if we can find more...more evidence of evil FIRST teams getting there before us. No balls.

4:41 - We come to the realization that the Poof company should be financially stable for years to come.

4:50 - Another sports store that doesn't believe in foam sports. Thanks $@#$@#$@#$@#$@# Sporting Goods.

4:51 - Decide to call no joy and head for home...but stop at one more Walmart on the way.

5:15 - Talk to Kathie Kentfield of NEMO...apparently Connecticut is out of Poofs too.

5:20 - Lots of discussion about how FIRST pretty much wipes out the world of at least one object every year.

5:30 - Not only does Walmart Hooksett not have Poofs...the whole Poof area looks like it has been ravaged by a large Amazonian tiger. We definitely got beat to this one!

5:40 - Jess falls asleep in car.

6:00 - HOME!!! YAY!!!

In conclusion...

After 6 hours, 5 Walmarts, 3 Sporting goods stores, 3 Toy Stores, 1 Sears, 1 Crafts Store, 1 Dollar Store, 1 Supermarket, 1 Kitchen Store, 1 Target, a half a tank of gas, and a large bowl of Mario Batalli Spaghetti and Kielbasa...

Curse you Dave Lavery, Woodie, and the rest of the GDC for not using footballs!

Class Dismissed.
-Professor Grady

Last edited by Andy Grady : 01-08-2006 at 08:47 PM. Reason: Tired from looking for balls...makes spelling baaad
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