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Go to Post You move on because FIRST isn't about the penalty or the un-penalty or whose robot is agressive and who is timid. Collin Fultz Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post Good judgement is the result of Experience. Experience is the result of Poor Judgement. ChrisH Astronouth7303
Go to Post In racing, speed is measured in cubic dollars. In FIRST, success is measured in cubic skill. Billfred dlavery
Go to Post Eventually, the "less effective" tweaks will settle to the bottom, and the more effective ones will be assimilated by the group. Then someone will tweak the tweak. That's when the fun begins. Billfred dlavery
Go to Post It doesn't matter if students get inspiration from planning to creating to manufacturing to purchasing to watching to engineers creating the parts etc etc etc. As long as students are getting Inspired, FIRST is doing it's mission. David Kelly dlavery
Go to Post The most amazing and inspiring character I've met in FIRST, Wayne [Cokeley] has definately shown me the character of a true leader. Bharat Nain
Go to Post sometimes you just have to escape the wheel. Tytus Gerrish Billfred
Go to Post So once and a while no matter how addicted you may be, try to think outside the 48'x24' box of FIRST. Tytus Gerrish Billfred
Go to Post "OMG Is that brandon?!?!?" "Lets go say hi" "No i'm scared" Josh Hambright Jessica Boucher
Go to Post In all seriousness, here's a thought for everyone: Don't worry about what you can't control. Rich Kressly JVN
Go to Post FIRST things first. Astronouth7303
Go to Post No, I've never done 3D programming before, but I'm young and naive, so I still think I can do it. ;) Ryan M.
Go to Post Why dress to impress when you can speak to impress? Joe Matt Billfred
Go to Post The ChiefDelphi forums are more than just a place for people to kill time and engage in some chit chat. Karthik Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post The biggest thing is you don't have to make your robot like another teams. Come up with something unique and go from there. RAISE THE BAR..... camtunkpa Dave_222
Go to Post what is it exactly that makes people like Dave Lavery more admirable than the video store clerk down the street? Madison Venkatesh
Go to Post I am a mechanical engineer. I have known since I was about 12 that I wanted to make complicated mechanisms. Paul Copioli JVN
Go to Post The only competition we have here, folks, is the one that's in March and April. Amanda Morrison Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post I would say that you are not an engineer until you've both obtained the aforementioned peice of paper AND done something with your tumescent engineers forebrain. phrontist Billfred
Go to Post Bottom line: hobbiests, hackers, and tinkerers can fiddle with something and make it work. Engineers are people who [b]engineer[/b] solutions to problems. Dave Flowerday Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post It's a bit sad, really, because FIRST has already reached other countries and there are some U.S. states that still are unaware of what FIRST is!! tribotec_ca88 Elgin Clock
Go to Post And, by the way, we're all weird. It's just a matter of how well you hide or show it. :D Billfred Joe Matt
Go to Post I love robotics, it has a spot for every kinda future career a student chooses. Bharat Nain Elgin Clock
Go to Post After all, professional engineers know The Right Way To Do It (TM) and if we knew that we'd be deprived of the educational experience of screwing up. phrontist Billfred
Go to Post Coming to MTV this fall: Pimp my Segway Francis-134 Billfred
Go to Post I heard that the only gift UFH wants on its birthday is an inbox full of nominations. :D Brandon Martus Beth Sweet
Go to Post I thanked the tradesmen on our team the same way i do ever year with a handshake and a "thanks for helping us guys", Mike Schroeder Bharat Nain
Go to Post In my opinion, I wouldnt want gifts or praise from people about my help to a robotics team, all I would want is a thank you, that would make all my hard work and efforts worth while and it would prove to me that I could actually be making a difference in the students lives Mike Schroeder Bharat Nain
Go to Post An Evil Overlord is only as bad as the creatures she/he rules. MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post I NEVER doubt the insanity of pig farmers. Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post We learn from our failures, but our successes reinforce what we've learned. Corey Balint
Go to Post See, building a really great robot is just a pseudo challenge for the concept of the whole FIRST program. It is just a phony way to bring people together to reach one common goal. sanddrag Ryan M.
Go to Post The robots are the attracting force, the common interest that brings us all together sanddrag Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post You think you are building robots, but you are really building yourselves. sanddrag Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post Inventions are not built using premade parts. People come up with new ideas, from different angles and with renewed enthusiasm. Playing the game is fun, building and designing is inspirational. Steve W Brandon Martus
Go to Post Cooler robots = Impressed sponsors = More money for FIRST = Easier expansion = Easier culture change. Isn't this what we want? Karthik Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel cause I can already buy it :) Stephen Kowski JVN
Go to Post Maybe you should whack it a few times with a hammer. That always seems to fix our robots. Adam Y. Billfred
Go to Post So please, think twice before you click that little button that says "reply". Ken Leung Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post I wish I had two extra hands, so I could give those gearboxes four thumbs up! Billfred David Guzman
Go to Post Even then, the robotics competiton is only part of FIRST. Billfred Beth Sweet
Go to Post Please stand up and be proud of who you are and what you believe in! MattK Billfred
Go to Post We don't require innovation; we simply encourage it. Tristan Lall Billfred
Go to Post and don't overestimate the ability of an unskilled fool with exotic tools! MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post This is a risk. Life is full of risks. FIRST is life... therefore, FIRST is full of risks. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post No, Dave says "that's PUMP" dlavery Billfred
Go to Post But now the most important question - is there a practical application for one of these devices on a FIRST robot? Chris Fultz Billfred
Go to Post In the end, if our products are crap, then people will not buy them. This is the risk of doing business, and the foundation of capitalism. Andy Baker David Kelly
Go to Post I am not a moderator, but I am John V-Neun. Billfred Astronouth7303
Go to Post If the world was like ChiefDelphi, people would be more eager to help out, offer advice and encourage each other to better things... not a bad world, that. MissInformation Jessica Boucher

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