Go to Post One of my former students went on to intern with SpaceX and Tesla, and is now back as a mentor. He came early today and I introduced him to my class. He got a pretty solid reception that might compare favorably to being a pro athlete. The first question he got was about the $. - mrnoble [more]
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Go to Post I find it quite amazing that this thread has been continuously active for more than two years. Stephanie Elgin Clock
Go to Post By being on your team, you are just that - on a team of people. Every person represents a team... You do, too. Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post No disclaimer on earth lets you disassociate yourself with your team or what you represent because you want to say something not particularly nice, but lets you be associated again when you want to say something to encourage others, etc. Amanda Morrison Mike Schroeder
Go to Post The MAINTENANCE of teams is just as important as the growth. Starting a new team is not always the answer. Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post The engineers and mentors provide the "I" in FIRST and FIRST would be nowhere near where it is today without this exceptional leadership shown by so many of these volunteers. Chris Fultz David Kelly
Go to Post Courtesy is the key. Tom Schindler Ben Lauer
Go to Post I love you ChiefDelphi times! Amanda Morrison Arefin Bari
Go to Post No matter what the weight limit is, a large number of teams will *ALWAYS* have trouble making it. Cory Billfred
Go to Post Teams that are consistently designing and end up with weight problems need to look at their design process and make corrections in "Weight Management". Mike Martus Arefin Bari
Go to Post And then have FIRST throw a copy of the Atkins diet book in with each kit... dlavery Michael Leicht
Go to Post Adding more weight doesn't make the challenge any easier, it just makes the robots heavier. Sean Schuff Katie Reynolds
Go to Post ... Imagine NOT being able to count on certain things to stay the same from year to year... It makes you wonder what sort of sick, twisted mind would do such a thing to all those innocent teams out there... dlavery Katie Reynolds
Go to Post It makes you wonder what sort of sick, twisted mind would do such a thing to all those innocent teams out there... dlavery
Go to Post Sometime it makes me think what would I do without FIRST... Arefin Bari Barry Bonzack
Go to Post I'm glad to be on the same team as smart people. Andy Baker JVN
Go to Post Am I just a freak? Josh Hambright Andy Baker
Go to Post Just call me conservative. dlavery Andy Baker
Go to Post I feel like I need to rinse out my brain with drain cleaner dlavery Billfred
Go to Post Can't engineers be jesters? danielkitchener Billfred
Go to Post The Indiana Mafia? We are very insulted. Another comment like that and you could wind up having a couple of broken legs. But thanks for the good words Bill Beatty Billfred
Go to Post a Victor is a Victor is a Victor. Billfred Astronouth7303
Go to Post I guess my only option is to either stop picking on Dave or come up with an even better picture! Now, which one do you think I'll choose? MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post "You know, if we shoot the flame thrower out of the back of the car while driving down Main Street at 2:00am, we are probably going to get in a lot of trouble..." dlavery Squirrelrock
Go to Post ..."A bad day at college is always better then a good day at work" KyleGilbert45 Matt Attallah
Go to Post It doesn't matter to me where a FIRST local event is held, I'll be there! Barry Bonzack Billfred
Go to Post No one shall stand between me and my sleep. Adam Y. Billfred
Go to Post it's not because the kids look up to him that [Dave] gets picked on, it's really because it's just so much fun. MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post Incidentally, the best Delphi is ChiefDelphi! :) Max Lobovsky Billfred
Go to Post Inventing rocks. I think we've all learned that through FIRST. Billfred Daniel Brim
Go to Post Sometimes, you just have to beat something (someone?) into submission. Yes, you can use your head, but its a lot easier with a hammer. Andy A. RogerR
Go to Post They have obviously figuered out something special. I want to learn from them. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post Winning a competition is great, but seeing kids who never thought they had a chance before suddenly discover a brand new future would be the most amazing experience. MissInformation Dorienne
Go to Post For FIRST robots, the phenomena listed above just do not apply. Paul Copioli Billfred
Go to Post ...Of course, all the scales in the world won't help you if your robot is 135lb two nights before the ship date... J Flex 188 Billfred
Go to Post Remember those two words people. Gracious Professionalism. Elgin Clock Ryan M.
Go to Post If there's one bit of advice I can give, its never underestimate the power of a hurricane. Joshua May Billfred
Go to Post FIRST robotics: Not just for nerds. Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post With a one-on-one-on-one-on-one-on-one game it would be really easy. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post Don't you have some rovers to redirect or something Dave? Rich Kressly Daniel Brim
Go to Post Paul Copioli - A guy who is 13 years older than me, but acts about 13 years younger. Amanda Morrison JVN
Go to Post Cheaters never win, winners never cheat. :) Amanda Morrison David Kelly
Go to Post do i even have to say anything about hurricane jeanne after my comments about charley, frances and ivan? :mad: but if i could, i would run all of them over with my robot... Arefin Bari Dorienne
Go to Post I'd be upset if someone threw away my robotics shirts. Because then I'd have no shirts. evulish Blue_Mist
Go to Post Coming between me and my Hawaiian shirts would be like trying to get between Dean and denim. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post The energy source of the future is brain power. Michael R. Lee Billfred
Go to Post Bring 'em on, kiddies. You underestimate the power of Amanda Morrison. Amanda Morrison David Kelly
Go to Post It shouldnít be about whether or not you think itís easy or not, itís about whether or not you think the effect of the change would be a positive step for our country. Bill Gold Billfred
Go to Post I guess the freshmen had to learn the hard way, never turn your back on a robot. Bcahn836 Billfred
Go to Post The moral of this story is that constructive criticism is good, but only as long as you don't act like a complete idiot. David Kelly Billfred
Go to Post Arefin Will You go to the prom with me :D ? i Have a dress picked out and everything :) Tytus Gerrish Beth Sweet

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