Go to Post The kids will still be inspired, just keep FIRST competitive. - MikeDubreuil [more]
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Go to Post You valuable advice has prevented me from killing myself and others numerous times =) Stephen Kowski Andy Baker
Go to Post This is how students can be inspired! Rich Wong Billfred
Go to Post Supporting a FIRST team, only paying 10 bucks, and possibly winning a segway... what could be better! :) Tom Bottiglieri Elgin Clock
Go to Post Back in the old days, we didn't have clues, and we liked it! Joe Ross Jeff_Rice
Go to Post STICK WITH WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!! Will Hanashiro Billfred
Go to Post Whatever the rule, MAKE IT CLEAR. Bill Beatty Billfred
Go to Post Because after Kickoff....ZOMBIE MODE, HERE WE COME! Dorienne Billfred
Go to Post A lack of knowledge is okay; a lack of initiative to learn more is not. Madison JVN
Go to Post Like his father, John V-Neun will soon have the advantage of his head resembling a game object. Eric O Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Well, John V-Neun still has a little bit of hair. Maybe it'll be an astroturf field? Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post Remember, never underestimate the determination of thousands of FIRST students! Jay H 237 Billfred
Go to Post I just turned 51 and I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up! Mike Betts Tom Bottiglieri
Go to Post FIRST doesn't graduate you from HS ... your performance in class (your grades) do. Franchesca Billfred
Go to Post The bottom line is this program means the world to me ,and the friends i hold dear that feel the same way....I believe it changes lives and outlooks on reality. D@ve Tom Bottiglieri
Go to Post In any case, I'd like to remind everyone to practice gracious nonexpansionalism while in your pit. sanddrag Billfred
Go to Post Just like a mentor used to call a deburring tool, the whirlygig....it just sticks. Also, whirlygig....what a sweet name for a tool. Stephen Kowski Elgin Clock
Go to Post 4 is kind of like 5 Jaine Perotti dlavery
Go to Post I guess that some people don't understand that no means no. Steve W Billfred
Go to Post Never underestimate the power of curious and impatient FIRSTers ;) kpugh Elgin Clock
Go to Post We are in the business of teaching our students. One of those things should be respect for the rules... Tuba4 Steve W
Go to Post Look around. What else could cause folks to go sleepless for six straight weeks? That's life-changing, isn't it? :D Billfred Alex Cormier
Go to Post Legos rock! Kyle Love greencactus3
Go to Post "Its never too late to be inspired" Alex Golec shyra1353
Go to Post And remember, it's the fall semester. So FIRST isn't an excuse for a failing grade (not that it's ever an excuse)! Billfred Elgin Clock
Go to Post To all programmers: you are Geniuses! Ashley Weed Elgin Clock
Go to Post It doesn't take money, just desire. BillP Billfred
Go to Post If you don't like getting tipped don't build a robot that tips. Koko Ed Andy Baker
Go to Post If you want to change the culture sometimes you need to change a little yourself Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post Hehe, now I know how it feels to be mocked by legends. Corey Balint Daniel Brim
Go to Post Let's leave the football uniforms at home though, teams. ... The last thing I want to see is Baker in Brett Favre yellow spandex... *shudder* Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post Didn't know the details about the battery. In the past it was just a black (grey) box with two terminals...use...recharge...use..recharge. cbolin Billfred
Go to Post Figuring out how to do something is half of the fun. Mike Billfred
Go to Post I wonder if the FIRST Place Holiday Party partly consists of watching the site activity.... Jessica Boucher Billfred
Go to Post In conclusion, we can say, with reasonable certainty, that we know nothing. Max Lobovsky Billfred
Go to Post I always mean what I say. I just don't always say what I mean. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post And who is to say what is the mean? Do I mean the mean? Or even the average? Or am I just being mean (or average, which could be my mean)? dlavery shyra1353
Go to Post Mmmmmmmm. Donuts! Sean Schuff dlavery
Go to Post Remember, just because you saw it on ChiefDelphi, doesn't make it true. Karthik Tom Bottiglieri
Go to Post As long as this is a competition teams will push the limits. Those that succeed are those who can push the envelope and still stay within the lines. Steve W Billfred
Go to Post The kick-off is your opportunity to finally open the REALLY BIG box that has been sitting under the tree. dlavery Tom Bottiglieri
Go to Post if your true love is building robots, this makes perfect sense EddieMcD Billfred
Go to Post It's in the RUMOR MILL section, hence it is a RUMOR. Personally I find it entertaining to see what gets started in this particular forum section and have people go off the deep end. Gary Dillard Billfred
Go to Post Why does kick off take so long to get here but ship date comes toooooooooo fast? Steve W Julia Magoolia
Go to Post Robotics for me though really is hard to beat. Though tiring and exhausting, the memories you build are priceless. ShadowKnight Dorienne
Go to Post I learned about how FIRST really is about so much more than a robot competition, it is about team building and the individual. Adel Hodiwala Bharat Nain
Go to Post Imagine the pressure on Dave Lavery - every time he sneezes someone assumes it's a game hint. Gary Dillard Jessica Boucher
Go to Post While we all look back and appreciate the shoulders of the giants of the past upon which we are standing, let us not forget that we are the giants of today. Ours are the shoulders on which others will be standing in the future. Mike Rush Billfred
Go to Post I would contend that you cannot have a consistently good robot without equally good teambuilding. jonathan lall Billfred
Go to Post I like drifting, but I have to go WRC. Putting a car where it doesn't belong feels right, like combining together drill motors and power window motors and putting them on a big patch of carpet. Billfred greencactus3
Go to Post Putting 2 and 2 together, and then mixing them back up for someone else to try and get 4 in a different way is just plain fun. Elgin Clock Billfred

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