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Go to Post Stop being LAWYERS and start being ENGINEERS! dlavery
Go to Post We're not behind, the rest of the world is ahead! Yeah. Thats it. Curtis Williams
Go to Post FIRST is an opportunity for me to tackle problems that have long been solved. Madison
Go to Post Don't ever give up on your robot, especially this early in the season. That robot is what you make of it. If you give it your all, something good is bound to come your way. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post We build because we can. Danaca
Go to Post "FIRST: We take young human beings, born in captivity, educate them in science and technology, and re-release them into the wild." kmcclary
Go to Post Mentors: Don't give up folks, your efforts are not in vain. The kids get something out of it whether we get acknowledgment or not. Swampdude
Go to Post Pompous boasts dont get you anywhere. Results get your name on the book... Jeremy_Mc
Go to Post That's not duct tape as adhesive, it's duct tape as decoration! :p Don Knight
Go to Post That's for us to know, and you to lose sleep over finding out! Austin
Go to Post ...When you try to drill holes in yourself to lose weight Daniel Brim Theultracorgi
Go to Post All robots can be defeated with strategy. Alexander McGee
Go to Post You know you're addicted to FIRST when...you realize that Dean IS changing society with FIRST and you love the fact that you are helping. EStokely
Go to Post Keep in mind that words can be harsh and people do not forget what is said against them. Please, for your teammates sake, keep your egos in check and try to use some tact and consideration. Andy Baker Karthik
Go to Post Now, most of the replies are very tactful when they are questioning a teams' design... but some are simply stupid. Keep your heads. Andy Baker Karthik
Go to Post Something has gone awry this year in FIRST. I think more teams are concerned with winning and their robot that they don't even stop to think about the kids on their team, or the learning experiences of others. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post The object of the team is not to design, build and compete a robot, it is to design, build and compete students. If after four years we have opened a student's eyes to the infinite possibilities they have in their life, it is worth all the effort. adunakin
Go to Post There's too much whining lately.. we need a hug forum Gadget470
Go to Post This is a pure blooded, man and machine versus man and machine, brain versus brain, driving skill challenge. Andy Grady
Go to Post It's up to veteran teams and mentors to help keep the original spirit of FIRST alive. - It's up to us to make these boards exemplify the FIRST principals in every post. Ben Mitchell
Go to Post ...from my experience, it is really fun to play defense really well. Andy Baker
Go to Post When you get a vanity license plate with you team or robot name on it or some other FIRST reference. Raul machman-2823
Go to Post If you don't have a hairtie, use a ziptie instead. It works, it's cute, and way geeky. :p Katie Reynolds Michelle Celio
Go to Post I got something totally different from my FIRST experience. to me the spirit of FIRST is all about sharing. during the 6 week build period, you share yourself with the other people on your team. at the competition, you share your creation with everyone who watches your 'bot play the game. George1902
Go to Post The math isn't that hard. It's just a tool, like a screwdriver or soldering iron. Sure you get tired of picking up the same old thing everyday, but when you have to tighten a screw you still reach for the screwdriver. Al Skierkiewicz
Go to Post I don't even care if it doesn't work as well as they would like. YOU MADE IT. You may never use it, but you made it. AWESOME. Every year there has been 1 team (sometimes 2) that has done something that really stood out. This year 1 team has done 2 things that stand out. Thanks guys. J.Rees
Go to Post The problem with random numbers is you never know. GregT
Go to Post FIRST is not about winning awards, it's about learning and advancing the human culture crispyc
Go to Post I had so much to say but I dont know how to get it accross -- but to all of you that we were involved with this weekend, thankyou for everything -- we're changing lives, and we truly are moving mountains, in more ways than one. Jacqui Sutton
Go to Post People in FIRST ARE lucky, because they are living a very creative adventure which just doesn't let up, and that is okay. Who wants to sit there watching TV and being a spectator anyway. DougHogg
Go to Post When was the last time you heard of someone on their death bed talking about a great movie they saw? I think it far more likely to hear of their accomplishments, something they did to make things better. Well that's what FIRST is all about. DougHogg
Go to Post Don't count out some of the new guys, they will suprise you!! PMGRACER
Go to Post The game is as much a competition of strategies as it is of robots. There is never any one "best strategy." If teams choose to use this as their strategy, find one that will beat them. srjjs
Go to Post They had a well made scouting form on the bottom was a check box with nothing next to it, when asked what the box was for they said. "Oh thats the jerk box" Since then one of our team goals is "Stay out of the jerk box" Gary Stearns Lil' Lavery
Go to Post Changing the world starts with changing yourself. Jeremy_Mc
Go to Post If your robot doesn't work, it doesn't matter, because the robot is really meaningless, in the long run. What is the important thing, the reason we're all in FIRST then? To better our understanding of Science and Technology, and hopefully make the world a better place. Ian W.
Go to Post Each match is a learning experiance - the only thing you can do is get better. SuperJake
Go to Post I propose, these forums are not a competition. There is no race to prove a point, to prove you are right, to prove you are wrong. J.Rees
Go to Post thats like having 24 young men going wild for 2 minutes - thats how much power is available during a match. KenWittlief
Go to Post Gracious professionalism is competing with a team one minute, and helping them fix their robot the next. It is cheering for FIRST, rather than just your team, and most importantly: it is looking at the future and saying, "Together, we can do that" WakeZero
Go to Post Some things can only be revealed by time. ChrisH
Go to Post The pen [may be] mightier than the sword, but the bandsaw can chop them both. Marc P.
Go to Post Being a mentor only requires an open mind and fifty thousand times more responsibility. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Why is it considered shameful to do the smart thing? As the saying goes, "I don't make the rules, I just live by them." Chris Hibner
Go to Post That's just the thing about plastic or brass gears; they tend to morph into plastic or brass washers real fast. Nick Seidl
Go to Post FIRST is an amazing combination of principles that, when applied to the world, has had a monstrous effect on the way High School students learn, think, and relate to others. Amanda M
Go to Post FIRST has set me on a completely different path in life. And I'm all the better for it. Vincent Chan
Go to Post The only odd part about this competition is that rather than further convince me that I want to be an engineer, it did the converse... I want to be a teacher. pauluffel
Go to Post Never Underestimate the power of zip ties! tonyargote
Go to Post A good teacher always needs to be a good student Redhead Jokes

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