Go to Post It's wonderful to think of how close together we all grow, win or lose. - Po-ser [more]
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Go to Post I once heard someone say that Dean is "building an army of engineers." I disagree. I think he is building an army of the informed. Gope
Go to Post Don't worry about where you will be. Just consider youself lucky for being where you have been. sanddrag Akash Rastogi
Go to Post FIRST has always been less than just a school activity for me and more of a way of everyday life. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post FIRST is unlike every other organization or every other robot competition because it begs to you collaborate; it encourages you to be a better person through the help of others. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Thats what makes FIRST so unique how culture and the time is reflected through our bots, but at the same time we all get along...with no problem. Dan Richardson
Go to Post ...regardless of anything that happens, there should be no booing at competitions, only cheers. True, many of us want to win, but in the end, all of us are working to expand FIRST and to promote the inspiration and recognition of science and technology through gracious professionalism. Aignam
Go to Post This easy world of friends, of people that you can talk to for hours on end without knowing one another? That's FIRST. Keith Chester
Go to Post With people from the high northeast, mid east, mid west and far west all in one hotel room, we had the time of our lives simply by sitting there. Keith Chester
Go to Post I think that everyone should just take a step back and look at the whole picture, FIRST is a family, not an organization full of regions, we all try to help each other, not 'cause it benefits us, but because it's graciously proffesional. Mike Schroeder Kristian Calhoun
Go to Post ...several people have told my that my brain has been oxygen-starved since at least 1975. dlavery
Go to Post FIRST is different... we commute, journey, and make pilgramage to attend our events. Something that is expensive and exclusive. Erin Rapacki
Go to Post You are becoming the leaders of tomorrow by leading today. Chris Fultz
Go to Post UFH has substance. It puts the I in FIRST. Andy Baker
Go to Post ... poets, novelists, songwriters, these people are word engineers. MissInformation
Go to Post So now my family thinks I'm insane. Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post Robotics. Seems to be the answer to a lot of things I don't do. Keith Chester
Go to Post Why is it OK to be "elitist" when we select people to be on a team to hit rocks with sticks, but not OK when we try to reach the special group of students that embody the intellectual capital that will define the future of this country? dlavery
Go to Post We may not build the best robots but we're building better students in the long run and means much much more. Koko Ed Sila741
Go to Post Two students with no clue but enough dedication to work on something is always better than one expert who doesn't care enough not to leaveit until the last day. Matt Krass
Go to Post I've always believed that being who I was will not limit me to who I will be. That's what keeps me trying to learn more and become a better person. Otherwise I would've settled being someone ordinary and not care about anything around my life. Ken Leung RogerR
Go to Post I personally think any student should be allowed to participate, as long as he/she is helpful and active. FIRST, to me, is about inspiration, not elitism. Aignam
Go to Post But if FIRST followed a "truth in advertising" philosophy for the registration kits, they would contain six cannisters labeled: "Stress", "Anxiety", "Confusion", "Insomnia", "Dietary Inadequacy", "Unbalanced Priorities" And a really big seventh one labeled "Fun" :) dlavery
Go to Post I love FIRST because it makes the dreams of tomorrow seem so much closer. WakeZero
Go to Post I love first because of the late nights, the unparralleled stress, the excitement, the emotion. Because of the close defeats, the close victories. Because of the pride, the sense of accomplishment, the feeling of embettering the world. But most of all, because of you, the other teams. Keith Chester
Go to Post Hack saws are for hack work, the kind we don't do. sanddrag
Go to Post It is probable that you will find mroe than a few spotlight worthy phrases or sentences in the following. ;) sanddrag
Go to Post FIRST *is* about winning, and it has made many of us winners... I am glad to be a part of it. Andy Baker
Go to Post I don't get what all you people have done wrong to make the drills have so many problems. Cory
Go to Post Life is totally random and there's nothing you can do to change that. kristen
Go to Post FIRST teams are made of people - students and mentors. In my humble opinion, it doesn't make one iota of difference if the name of the sponsoring organization or the name of the school changes over time. dlavery
Go to Post I'm here to unintentionally offer insightful quotes. Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post I think that's what they think you will think, therefore you are thinking what they want you to think. Wetzel
Go to Post "at some point in the next six weeks you are going to start feeling like you are involved in a robot building contest. Then you are in serious trouble" -Dean Kamen KenWittlief
Go to Post when you think you are here to compete against other teams, thats when bad things start happening... KenWittlief
Go to Post The [FIRST Robotics] competition is a friendly / gentleman's sort of sport... It is only a forum to put our machines to the test, and see how well we did against what WE set out to do -- not to see which team can build the best robot. KenWittlief
Go to Post If you have to build the best robot to be inspired then we end up with one winning inspired team, and 999 losers. That is not the spirit of FIRST. KenWittlief
Go to Post My point is that there seems to be a trend in FIRST in which people are saying "who cares about the robots, let's inspire the students." What I'm saying is, it's the robots that inspire the students. Chris Hibner
Go to Post Teams that TRY to win and TRY to do their best end up having students that learn more, learn the value of hard work, and are inspired by the process. Chris Hibner Karthik
Go to Post ...the future of FIRST is very bright with all the great students and mentors coming out of the program, staying involved, and contributing their ideas and energy. Jason Morrella Karthik
Go to Post When's the last time you called up FIRST headquarters just to say thanks? Or saw a volunteer at a regional and said, 'Hey, you're doing a really great job here. Thank you for everything you're doing in your spare time.' Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Thank you FIRST -- thank you, thank you, thank you -- I can't say that enough. We can't say that enough.... Its too bad that more of us don't try. Aidan F. Browne
Go to Post WHAT!?!?!? YOU DON'T DEVOTE YOUR LIFE TO APPLE!?!?!?!? ;) :p Joe Matt Michelle Celio
Go to Post -dave "The Circular Saw of FIRST" lavery dlavery Beth Sweet
Go to Post FIRST showed me how to succeed at one of the most difficult, yet important things: Life. Jim McGeehin
Go to Post push for what you think is right... just do it in the right way Andy Baker
Go to Post A better way would be better..... WizardOfAz
Go to Post Warning: this reply is just an approximation of what I meant to convey - engineers cannot possibly use just written words to express what they are thinking. Raul Raul
Go to Post It does it automagically. David Kelly
Go to Post Indianagineers! (n.: In-di-ae-nah-jih-nir: any resident of Gary, Indiana, or it's suburbs, who is trained in the use or design of machines or engines, or in other areas such as electrical or chemical technology) dlavery
Go to Post There are no guarentees in life. Cherish what you have while you have it. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring. KenWittlief tribotec_ca88

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