Go to Post Your attribute of personal sacrifice is very noble, but FIRST needs YOU to be successful first. - DanKein [more]
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Go to Post FIRST doesn't end after high school, for some of us, it is only beginning. David Kelly David Hoff
Go to Post You know this crazy ChiefDelphi... nothing but useless information and kids ranting about pizza. Amanda Morrison Jessica Boucher
Go to Post This is why I love this game. It's like high speed chess with flashing lights and lots of noise. Karthik JVN
Go to Post I have way too much time on my hands. Brandon Martus Billfred
Go to Post So my mom gave up most of the house to robotics.... ElfMaster Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Now the big question is, does Dave think this is pimp? Mike Schroeder Jessica Boucher
Go to Post sweet nectar thy name is Dew... Trinora Jessica Boucher
Go to Post FIRST is privlidge that I am glad to be a part of and any award we recieve is a blessing to be cherish not an expectation to be agonized over. Koko Ed Michael Sperber
Go to Post Any and all offers should go to my agent. She is the mother of my three daughters. Andy Baker aryker
Go to Post just want a picutre of my "CD idols" Ryan Albright Rich Wong
Go to Post The competition is different - everybody really "wins" by all of the great things teams think of to do for other teams and the community. Chris Fultz generalbrando
Go to Post FIRST isnt about getting what you deserve, FIRST is about other people seeing potential in us - and giving us an opportunity that we could never have earned on our own KenWittlief Bharat Nain
Go to Post Yes, I'll admit it...I had a crush on Ken Leung when we all went out together for the college night in 2002. Elgin Clock Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Ken Leung is the most efficient sleeper I know. Standing up, at the scoring table, during the pig roast, whatever. That guy can sleep! Paul Copioli Jessica Boucher
Go to Post We are customers to FIRST. In that comes expectations. I don't want to hear another, "You should be grateful for everything FIRST does" nonsense when FIRST royally screws up. MikeDubreuil Pierson
Go to Post Will the real John V-Neun please stand up, please stand up? Elgin Clock Jessica Boucher
Go to Post i met ANDY BAKER and D.J... they are awesome! Arefin Bari miketwalker
Go to Post In FIRST you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you and your associates in the court of public opinion. Koko Ed BionicAlumni
Go to Post I think we have officially reached the stage of having too much time on our hands. Koko Ed Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I am a mentor now and I would be more proud of a National Chairmans Award which acknowledges my many years of service to the team and the community rather than a National Championship which acknowledges one great robot I helped build. The Lucas Manoel
Go to Post This is an Internet forum- if you want to relax, sit next to a pool and sun bathe. However, the rest of us will have a mature discussions and debates on the CD forums. MikeDubreuil generalbrando
Go to Post Thank you for participating. It'd be a blank website without all of you. :) Brandon Martus IMDWalrus
Go to Post I also believe that any team in the finals or any 200 + scores will be big. henryBsick
Go to Post Johnny V-Neun. People just want to be his kind of cool... none of us really know why... Pamela JVN
Go to Post So take it all with a grain of salt, form your own opinions, lead by example, act responsibly, be graciously professional, and everything will be ok. LauraN ChrisH
Go to Post I am the Evil Empire of FIRST!!! Andy Grady Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Duh! Sometimes the simplest answers are the best ones! dlavery Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I do know that I cringe every time someone brings up "lawyerism" or some other such nonsense as the reason their interpretation of the rules is right. Kris Verdeyen
Go to Post I don't think Dean Kamen ever recieved a real degree. That doesn't make him any less of an engineer.:) Adam Y. Jessica Boucher
Go to Post A big bowl of popcorn and FIRST. It doesn't get much better than that. Warren Boudreau Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I was surprised how easily Mike hoisted me off the ground. I'm nearly 250 pounds and he lifted me up like I was a soccer ball! :ahh: Koko Ed Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Never leave future engineers alone, especially with something like gravity. Alex Pelan shyra1353
Go to Post ... Proof that the Unsung FIRST Heroes paves the way! Joe Matt Brandon Martus
Go to Post While Grace will carry you through good times and victory, Professionalism will carry you through hard times and defeat. Venkatesh Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Finally, I would like to thank my wife (I hope she remembers me.) To all the FIRST widows out there, THANK YOU! Ken Loyd Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Is Atlanta an Indian word for "take the longest path between two places"? Klondike Mike Elgin Clock
Go to Post People are human, refs are human. The refs did the best they could do at the time. Andy Baker Brandon Martus
Go to Post Hello... I need one order of Thunderchicken, extra crispy. Yes, I would like fries with that. OK... go ahead and super-size it. What, only $2.17!? Sweet. Andy Baker Katie Reynolds
Go to Post FIRST is like Starbucks coffee, it's addicting and you just can't seem to get away from it... Beth Sweet Joe Matt
Go to Post GP may not be as common as we would like out in the "real world" but Ladies and Gentlemen it is out there. Jay H 237 Adam Y.
Go to Post When I judge a robot, the single most important factor to me is whether or not the robot is rigid. Gressa Paul H
Go to Post You can take the man out of FIRST, but you can't take FIRST out of the man. George1902 Bharat Nain
Go to Post Also, if Beatty fielded a refrigerator we'd still pick them; how can you not - "all they ever do is win". Gary Dillard Team311
Go to Post If you're sore over the vigorous defense teams play, get over it. It happens and will continue to, as the majority of people hope. AmyPrib Karthik
Go to Post As much as you may want the ChiefDelphi community to see your argument, we may not want to see yours. Amanda Morrison Joe Ross
Go to Post If you don't like physical play build a stronger robot. Koko Ed sanddrag
Go to Post When I saw the title of this thread ("Reverse Robotics"), I thought "what, you get six weeks to take apart a robot or something??" Katie Reynolds Jessica Boucher
Go to Post For every hour you spend screwing pieces of your robot together, 20 hours of important stuff goes on behind your back. Eric Bareiss Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Start respecting your mentors more or they might just leave. Eric Bareiss Tom Bottiglieri
Go to Post Canadian teams would definitely be able to give some of the "big boys" a run for their money. Despite the fact that their money is worth more than ours... =) Karthik Jessica Boucher

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