Go to Post The proper way to advance forward is by bringing the bottom up, not by limiting how high the top can fly. - artdutra04 [more]
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Go to Post Its not really a robotics competition. The robots are merely vehicles used to make society a better place, and to inspire the youth of the world to help one another, and to become more united. Amanda M Karthik
Go to Post Brandon, can you make some sort of mind-reading device that i can just think "portal" and i'll go back? Tom Schindler Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Like a moth to a flame, true FIRSTers are attracted by the Victor instead of the Banner. Rich Wong Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I tried to convince my team to use the force but no one would listen. ngreen Jessica Boucher
Go to Post COMPETE like crazy for the 2 minutes you are on the field, COOPERATE like crazy all the rest of the time. When we play this way, we all win. Chris Fultz JVN
Go to Post I'd say go out and kick their collective boo-tays...in a non-damaging, graciously professional manner, of course. (wink wink) Billfred Beth Sweet
Go to Post Gearboxes and 2x balls and pull up bars, oh my! Marc P. Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I guess what I am trying to say is that GP is inside all of us just waiting for a chance to escape. I am sure how the virus spread. I put the blame solely on the shoulders of Chief Delphi. Ken Loyd nerdcool64
Go to Post P.S. Who doesn't have CD as there homepage! (I mean, come on people. It's not like there's anything else to do on the net... :)) Ryan M. Beth Sweet
Go to Post So, apparently I have my own division in nationals going by the search, "elgin clock division". Why was I not told about this? jeesh... Elgin Clock Jessica Boucher
Go to Post However, in the end, the renderer is only as good as the artist. MiNT Ryan Dognaux
Go to Post Do you have to think about FIRST when you get up in the morning? KenWittlief Bharat Nain
Go to Post remember FIRST is just an extracuricular activity in which most of the work is technichan's work...what gets you into college are good grades and a good course load...as my mom always said, "getting good grades gives you the freedom to chose to be whatever you want and go wherever you want" abeD Ryan F.
Go to Post With FIRST, its all about style! In the northeast, we are alllll style. Andy Grady Jessica Boucher
Go to Post FIRST is not about building a robot, it's about the experience of it all... Beth Sweet cbudrecki
Go to Post I want to help them to get what's made such a difference to me... Beth Sweet Jeremy Roberts
Go to Post The best parts of FIRST just cannot be described. They have to be experienced. sanddrag George1902
Go to Post Just because there is a limit, doesn't mean that they don't love you. Amanda M ngreen
Go to Post But should we "discriminate" based on how long your team has been around? If you think about it, FIRST's goal is to inspire students, right? ...But students on rookie and second-year teams, if anything, are in greater need of being inspired. LauraN Barry Bonzack
Go to Post ...there is just something that I like about the smell of fresh engine oil... Matt Attallah Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Ok guys. What is this? Make Brandon work day? Brandon Martus Jessica Boucher
Go to Post If FIRST isn't your life, then you're doing something wrong! BandChick sanddrag
Go to Post Yeah, yeah...those who aren't spotlit, spotlight.... Jessica Boucher Billfred
Go to Post Personally, i dont see a problem, If it comes down to esentially building a computer just to run the field then that is what we will have to do, the show must go on. Dave_222 henryBsick
Go to Post FIRST has changed my life and I can never say thank you enough. Jason Kixmiller David Hoff
Go to Post Now, what we really need is a big spotlight in the sky that shoots out the letters "CD" so Brandon knows to come running to the server cave ... mtrawls Beth Sweet
Go to Post that is one of the funniest non-photoshoped pictures of my father i have seen... Lil' Lavery Beth Sweet
Go to Post We never play to lose, or even go easy. We play our best every match. Paul H Beth Sweet
Go to Post FIRST is the only sort of competition that I've seen where somebody can win and the opponents can be genuinely happy for them. RiceRobotica shyra1353
Go to Post Life is more fun if you take some risks every so often. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post We'll see how this goes... it could be fun. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post I've learned that the measure of success isn't the money you make, the education you get, or the car you drive. Your success can only be measured in the amount of people in whose lives you've made a difference and the size of your heart. Amanda Morrison Brandon Martus
Go to Post Really let's not remove the best part of the games and that is the human interaction with the robots. Humans are much more adaptable and interesting when it come to problem solving. Steve W Karthik
Go to Post The mission of FIRST is not just to promote science and technology, but to help every student involved to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams shyra1353
Go to Post It's not the name "FIRST" that is important but the ideas that go into and come out of it in the long run. Levin571 KyleGilbert45
Go to Post How do You Chiefdelphi? :cool: SpaceOsc Jeremiah Johnson
Go to Post Itís possible to make friends without agreeing on everything. Bill Gold Andy Baker
Go to Post Chief delphi is a great way to communicate ideas, meet people, and gain knowledge is multiple fields. Tyler Olds
Go to Post Most teachers are not in it for the income, But they are definitely in it for the outcome. Bob Steele ChrisH
Go to Post FIRST cannot enforce Gracious Professionalism on the participants in this program, you will have to do it on your own. Ken Leung David Kelly
Go to Post A FIRST door is always open. Chris Fultz Amanda Morrison
Go to Post We can help make those dreams, maybe. ;) Adare180 George1902
Go to Post It's what this is all about. Making dreams happen. Astronouth7303 Lisa Rodriguez
Go to Post I suggest that FIRST should include a "big red button" in the KOP next year to make everyone happy. :p Jay H 237 EddieMcD
Go to Post FIRST people are just wierd like that. We get drawn to places in the middle of the desert as long as we know there will be more people like us there. sanddrag Amanda Morrison
Go to Post It can't be too bad... it's Canada! :) Brandon Martus Andy Baker
Go to Post the chicken crossed the road because it was a boundary. it wanted to demonstrate the spirit of FIRST by crossing that road. Billfred
Go to Post We honor those who are unsung - those without a trophy or a plaque to show their efforts. Those who may or may not get those things... but will still be on the sidelines, helping to guide FIRST in all the right directions. Amanda Morrison Astronouth7303
Go to Post FIRST is a life lesson on steroids. JohnBoucher Bharat Nain
Go to Post This is ChiefDelphi. There are threads on everything! LauraN Hallry

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