Go to Post I betcha the FIRST officials in the know come in here from time to time and either gasp and think of how to make next year's clue harder or fall off their chair laughing. - Sparks333 [more]
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Go to Post If mentors don't respect the students' desire to learn and take an active role in the construction, they're missing the point of FIRST. If students refuse to accept the knowledge and experience of the mentors, that's not independence - it's arrogance. DB213parent RogerR
Go to Post Ah, this sounds like a sitcom whose pilot I should write and send to NBC - "Life With Lavery". There's a lot of eating, several practical jokes, and lots of bad hair. Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post So just stamp "GEEK" on my forehead dlavery Billfred
Go to Post Goodness gracious professionalism Billfred Conor Ryan
Go to Post When I invite a woman to dinner, I expect her to look at my face. That's the price she has to pay. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post i swear, if it were april fools day, i would not believe this whole lord dumpling/dean kamen thing...but then again, this is FIRST sure_smile Billfred
Go to Post I hope you realize that by starting this thread you have earned yourself a permanent place at the "WOEWITWISTFT" ("What On Earth Was I Thinking When I Started THAT FIRST Trend?") table. It's members are few, but the conversation is the most honest and amusing in the entire place. ;) Jessica Boucher Billfred
Go to Post EVERYTHING in life is politics. Amanda Morrison Arefin Bari
Go to Post Your entire life is a choice - a choice to believe or denounce everything that is ever said to you. Amanda Morrison Arefin Bari
Go to Post I understand that I'm in the minority when it comes to these things, so when the coverage switches to one these stories I exercise my right to change the channel. Karthik Ian Curtis
Go to Post Ya know something I heard, UFH always look beter in PINK! :) Kyle Love Winged Wonder
Go to Post "What's said in the huddle, stays in the huddle..." Mr. Lim ClintDog
Go to Post Warning: This thread is long like a Ken Leung post........... but about 47 times less interesting and insightful. Brandon Martus Conor Ryan
Go to Post Engineers can really make a difference when people are in their time of need. Elgin Clock artdutra04
Go to Post We owe a lot to Bob (Hammond), he is a true gentleman. Covey41 Andy Baker
Go to Post ...some of our robots could use a proctologist Scott Ritchie dlavery
Go to Post Patents are an issue of law which, alas, has little to do with engineering or common sense. Mike Betts dlavery
Go to Post On the one hand, I wouldnít want to discourage innovation. But on the other, I would want to encourage simplicity. Jack Jones Billfred
Go to Post Let's just say that I am old enough to... dlavery Beth Sweet
Go to Post I don't play with robots, it's much more serious than that. Al Skierkiewicz Billfred
Go to Post :( The Internet just ate my post. Greg Marra Michelle Celio
Go to Post Dee and I pooling our brain cells almost make a full deck... RoboMom Billfred
Go to Post I think Dave was tired...he kept muttering something about "eviscerating" someone. Heidi seemed to be doing most of the talking. Actually, after talking with 29,000 people, I think she lost her voice. Or maybe Dave "eviscerated" it.... RoboMom Billfred
Go to Post Nope, nope... no adults here. We're all kids. :) Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post I searched the web for a good forum and it looks like this is the place to be. Pipisongo sanddrag
Go to Post The point is that while having the abiltity to find information in a variety of reference sources is a useful skill, it does not replace a good, complete, fundamental knowledge of your subject material. dlavery RogerR
Go to Post John is the king of vague, but then again he looks much better at a distance than he does up close :D Rich Kressly Josh Hambright
Go to Post Darn kids, how can they not be addicted to ChiefDelphi? Kyle Love Andy Baker
Go to Post The robotics, strategics, and technology make up the higher wavelengths, the adrenaline of competition the midband, and the low frequencies that pull at the heart, well that's the people. John Wanninger Steve W
Go to Post Everyone here inspires each other and helps them out. That's why FIRST is amazing. tiffany34990 nehalita
Go to Post I think it will be very hard to find one aspect of FIRST which doesn't inspire us. Arefin Bari nehalita
Go to Post The very fact that parts are rumored to be being re-used may be sufficient reason for the rule-makers to change a rule to prevent the re-use of that very part (not that they would ever be that devious!) dlavery Ian Curtis
Go to Post Our job as mentors isn't to teach them how to make a robot...It's to teach them that there is value in technology and being among the people who create it. Andy A. RogerR
Go to Post If I find a student on my team who came through FIRST having learned nothing more then he wanted to go to MIT, I'll give my self a pat on the back and start counting down to kickoff. Andy A. Beth Sweet
Go to Post I've ridden the real Segway many times and I think it is a truly remarkable machine and worth every cent (if you have enough cents to spend on it). sanddrag Billfred
Go to Post We're moving to metric, inch by inch. Joe Ross Alan Anderson
Go to Post Fame... Fortune... Bleh I'm inspired and thats all that matters to me Noah Melamed Billfred
Go to Post Donít let the medals you win and the trophies on your mantel define who you are. Let it be the lives youíve touched and the legacy you leave behind. Sean Schuff Andy Baker
Go to Post ...your education can be interesting and even fun. If you look a little farther down the path, you WILL "use this crap", and "this crap" can even be cool if you know how to use it. Chris Hibner Winged Globe
Go to Post I didn't feel like reading this whole thread, which, as I understand, is talking about people not wanting to read long threads. Mike Adam Richards
Go to Post As Shakespeare once said in Julius Caeser, "Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once." artdutra04 nehalita
Go to Post I've always thought that what makes an average person exceptional is not their inability to make mistakes, but rather their ability to recognise, rectify, and learn from them. artdutra04 nehalita
Go to Post Whether or not your team has the technical mentors, as long as your kids are still inspired by the adult technical mentors of other teams, and get the picture that we're trying to portray in this program, the best that you can do is the best you can do. Do it, and be proud of your results. Beth Sweet Billfred
Go to Post Once you know where you want to go, you can decide how you want to get there. sciguy125 dlavery
Go to Post As long as the competition gets the attention of someone and drags them in, it doesn't matter how they get there. Andy Grady dlavery
Go to Post Baker, you're making my head hurt and it's only August!!!! Rich Kressly Billfred
Go to Post In my opinion, the right mix of student, mentor, and engineer involvement is when everyone gives it 100%. Jack Jones KathieK
Go to Post I'm not the programmer, thank god. Veselin Kolev sanddrag
Go to Post They didnít have to help me. But they did. I have gained so much respect for all the mentors in FIRST from that point on. Arefin Bari nehalita
Go to Post math can actually be fun! Karthik Billfred

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