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Go to Post Iím not decently dressed for this picture.......I have no FIRST shirt, FIRST hat or FIRST pin anywhere on me! Rich Wong Billfred
Go to Post [on reputation] They're just dots. Brandon Martus Billfred
Go to Post Letís not scare the newbies away, letís welcome them and help them. Arefin Bari
Go to Post Please share your opinion and post whatever you want, I wouldnít mind. Because I may be wrong. Arefin Bari Matt Krass
Go to Post Chances are it's an electrical or mechanical problem... mechanicalbrain Andy Baker
Go to Post A rule is a rule is a rule. Cory RogerR
Go to Post My wife thought the lead singer, Ozzy Kamen was cute. Darn those rockers. Andy Baker RogerR
Go to Post Insanity is overrated. MissInformation Andy Baker
Go to Post p.s. note that 5-1/2 hours in the car with your daughter on the way to IRI is NOT the same as 10 hours in the van with seven members of Team 116 on the way to IRI. One is a wonderful familial experience, the other is an opportunity to go insane. dlavery Conor Ryan
Go to Post Watch out, guys, Lisa's coming.... worse than any hurricane or tornado you can imagine! KathieK Arefin Bari
Go to Post FIRST needs a disclaimer that parts of the field can become flying projectiles under hurricane force winds. Barry Bonzack David Guzman
Go to Post FIRST has the power to change lives, inspire, and make dreams come true. Jaine Perotti Arefin Bari
Go to Post theres no such thing as the best robot...cuz every robot is the best :D Bharat Nain
Go to Post -Best FIRST Robot: One that Makes it to Competition Conor Ryan EricH
Go to Post See... this is what I love about my friends in FIRST. They come forward to help me whenever I need anything. Arefin Bari Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Maybe it's the guy who doesn't stop drawing in his notebook in class, or the girl who writes the best essays in English. What team can't use their skills? KathieK Arefin Bari
Go to Post You know how grandmothers get shirts that say "Ask me about my grandchildren"? I want one that says "Ask me about my robotics team." MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post There is no exit strategy in FIRST RoboMom RogerR
Go to Post But we all just have to do what we can and are willing to, to keep our teams going. Adrienne E. Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post theyre not planning on blowing up the comet... just running straight into it and seeing what happens. :D Winged Wonder Billfred
Go to Post With a little time and practice, I think that most people would find that there is no magic involved in programming. Dave Scheck Ryan M.
Go to Post Nobody has ever complained that someone was too willing to share their knowledge of building robots or their new ideas for anything. Josh Hambright Billfred
Go to Post Go with what you know will work, and try a little less if you are feeling brave. That is my rule of thumb. sanddrag Arefin Bari
Go to Post When it is so boring and slow on here in the summer it is funny how all of us just jump at something technical. sanddrag Bharat Nain
Go to Post a big part of FIRST is to educate everyone, even those "stupid freshmen" about science and technology. Beth Sweet Billfred
Go to Post I'm frustrated by the world's reluctance to bend over backwards for FIRST. Madison Amanda Morrison
Go to Post F.I.R.S.T. Troubleshooting Rule #1 - If you work on software, the problem is always with hardware. If you work with hardware, the problem is always with software ;) Redneck Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post First check for any bind in the transmissions, especially chain. Next, check to see if the motors are O.K. Use code as a last resort. Paul Copioli Billfred
Go to Post something i thought was impossible just happened: Brandon's awesomeness level has grown exponentially! just when you think he's at his peak, he does something new and extremely cool for CD. Winged Wonder Billfred
Go to Post FIRST: Making women's hair grow, and mens hair fall out. Ashley Christine JackN
Go to Post And Dave, although I know you have connections, please don't slow the earth's rotation to get more time on the caption contest. ;) Billfred Katie Reynolds
Go to Post Well i guess the only thing left for me to do is tip my hat and call Karthik, Chris Hibner, EricH and Bill Gold my daddy. JackN Karthik
Go to Post As long as teams keep showing their consistency in innovation, FIRST will keep dazzling us all. Amanda Morrison Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post This is going to be leet. Or something like that. I can't wait. Billfred nehalita
Go to Post I don't think Brandon is actually doing this, I think he has CD-47 Bot and Archiver locked in a closet doing all this while he has fun Mike Schroeder Billfred
Go to Post Brandon is my hero :) Cory Daniel Brim
Go to Post FIRST is our lever and the mentors are the fulcrum. Daniel Brim dlavery
Go to Post ...and leave your bumpers at home. Andy Grady RogerR
Go to Post Consider yourself mentored, you have learned a lesson: "Don't stick your hands in icky things." Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post It is an honor and a privilege to be associated with such an outstanding group of people. And Arefin. Gary Dillard Barry Bonzack
Go to Post What else could you do with a t-shirt? Wait... never mind... I retract my previous statement and realized this is FIRST and we can do anything with anything. ;) Jeremiah Johnson Billfred
Go to Post I have always liked to see people get recognized for what they do, not people doing something to get recognized. sanddrag Pat Fairbank
Go to Post Coming soon to an Earth near you; an Australian team (or 2). Stay tuned. Elgin Clock Beth Sweet
Go to Post Great teams derive from great mentors. Barry Bonzack Daniel Brim
Go to Post Common sense can take you a long way!!! ClintDog Billfred
Go to Post If there was no internet then somebody in FIRST would probably invent it. Koko Ed Beth Sweet
Go to Post You can also always use the "Report Post" button on each post and that'll dispatch a carrier pigeon to each of our homes...or an e-mail if the carrier pigeons have taken the day off. Madison Billfred
Go to Post Long Live Gracious Professionalism, and long live F.I.R.S.T. Matt Krass Daniel Brim
Go to Post The FIRST family is incredible. Libby Ritchie Billfred
Go to Post This is what happens when a couple of whackos get an idea at 2 am. Rich Kressly Billfred

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