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Go to Post Basically, it just doesn't matter. Mark Pettit Andy Baker
Go to Post And we drafted without computers...forget the calculators...we used slide rules...the punchcards piled up so high we needed more office space...and we programmed in three feet of snow...up hill...both ways Rich Kressly Billfred
Go to Post They knew that the number of gracious, professional, make-your-grandmother-so-proud-she-will-puke moments of exemplary behavior by the teams would far outshine any minor mistakes or incidents of less-than-perfect decorum. dlavery jgannon
Go to Post I need to start using "ThunderChickens!" as an exclamation Jessica Boucher Lisa Rodriguez
Go to Post Unfortunately I think IFI made us buy a new one. Something about 200amps across the power connector not being a warranty item. GeorgeTheEng Billfred
Go to Post There is a fine line between genius and insanity, watch your step! Al Skierkiewicz Katie Reynolds
Go to Post I know that it's often dangerous to use common sense in a YMTC thread... Kris Verdeyen Billfred
Go to Post Give me a week, and a lot of caffeine and I could have one made. Problem is the lack of a week and caffeine. Mike Billfred
Go to Post you should see my scout sheet its the bomb diggity Mirza95vx Andy Baker
Go to Post ...I've changed my position. I'm fully supportive of Joe's suggestion... Chris Hibner Joe Johnson
Go to Post Reading Andy Bakers post- priceless :D thoughtful lukevanoort
Go to Post Programmer's pride. FIRST needs some more. Ben Margolis Billfred
Go to Post Man, Dave always has to one up us. We build robots to play games, he build robots to go on other planets, Elgin makes CD 30 inches, you make it 63 inches. Levin571 Billfred
Go to Post "Splet" is the sound a frog makes when it hits pavement at 187 feet per second. Don't ask me how I know. dlavery Tureyhall
Go to Post Spell Check is your friend! dez250 Sakura141
Go to Post "FIRST" is not a verb (yet - give us time, and we will see what happens). dlavery Jessica Boucher
Go to Post In the professional world, spelling mistakes, grammatical shortcuts, leet-speek, and misused verbiage are not interpreted as signs of cute, efficient communications. They are indicators of illiteracy, inefficiency, unprofessional behavior, and sloppy work habits. dlavery Karthik
Go to Post "Nuclear" is pronounced "nu kli Er." It is NOT pronounced "nu kU ler." When you use this pronunciation, no matter how smart you may actually be, you sound like an illiterate dolt (are you listening, Mr. Bush?). dlavery BaldwinNYRookie
Go to Post "FIRST" is not a verb (yet - give us time, and we will see what happens). dlavery Hallry
Go to Post Spelling mistakes make me sad...Almost as sad as not being able to go to Atlanta this year.. Almost. Elgin Clock Billfred
Go to Post Win, Lose or Tie, but do it in a way that FIRSTers will be talking about for years to come! Bill Moore dlavery
Go to Post We use a student coach/team captain for Team 342. This allows us mentors to sit in the pit area during competition and just relax. Watching the competition really gets our stomachs tied in knots. cbolin Billfred
Go to Post I would like to meet...Andy Baker: I've never met a pig farmer before... MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post We should also remember the fact that the FIRST Manual is not supposed to be enterpreted with lawyer speak. If so you could make it say many things. Anthony Billfred
Go to Post I don't know how much of a safety factor chain manufacturers build into these ratings. I've got empirical evidence to demonstrate that it's not 5, however. Tristan Lall Madison
Go to Post P.S. - Don't eat spicy food before a match, or a marathon of matches like eliminations. It never ends well. Trust me. Keith Chester StephLee
Go to Post ...instead of question marks swirling my mind I got triangles, circles and squares... Dorienne Alex Pelan
Go to Post PS. Listen to the wise Brandon Martus. Think before you (re)act. artdutra04 kjohnson
Go to Post the Robotics team isn't just a club, it's a family. 1086Programmer Ashley Christine
Go to Post I feel that the only friends I have ever had are people I know through FIRST. Being on a team gave me the sense of belonging that I thought I didn't even need. FIRST has given me a great life that I never thought I would have. Alaina Ashley Christine
Go to Post i'm not addicted to CD.com...i can stop anytime i want. RogerR AIBob
Go to Post A lot of students decribe FIRST as the best thing that happened to their life. Once a student gets hooked, they don't want to leave FIRST for any cause. I am one of them. Arefin Bari Ashley Christine
Go to Post Frankly, I love CD and everything it stands for. I've made more friends from this forum alone than I ever expected to meet in FIRST. I'd give just about anything to keep this system up, upgraded and going on long into the future. It's not even enough to show my thanks and gratitude. BandChick UlTiMaTeP
Go to Post just flat out, full force, take no prisoners driving spears312 Tytus Gerrish
Go to Post Were going to nationals!?! Did anyone think of telling me this? Beta Version Beth Sweet
Go to Post FIRST is not about lowering the bar to those with the smallest expectations, but helping helping all teams exceed the standards set by the best. Allison K Steve W
Go to Post If you promote not only the growth of your own team but of other teams at other schools you are successful. Koko Ed Alex Cormier
Go to Post In FIRST, success = inspiration. Daniel Brim Kyle
Go to Post I feel there really is only one team, and the name of that team is FIRST. Kyle
Go to Post Successful FIRST team members know they always can improve themselves, not just as a FIRST team, but as people who can offer something of value to society. Kyle
Go to Post As a famous saying goes, don't criticize someone till you have walked a mile in their shoes. Steve W omutton
Go to Post It's a club if you have a bunch of people who hang out and do nothing - It's a team if all you all work together and cooperate to win. Tytus Gerrish Kristian Calhoun
Go to Post You're part of what makes FIRST so special. Matt Krass BandChick
Go to Post Hey Baker - get a haircut! :) Sean Schuff Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Dave Lavery, Lou Rosanio and Karthik are all Woodie Flowers winners this year. So mentors it seems like if ya want the WFA it might be a good idea to put on a kilt :) Kyle Billfred
Go to Post This is about more than building a robot, we cannot only do the fun things. If you are fully involved than you will be prepared to do anything in life. Andy Brockway Jaine Perotti
Go to Post Any FIRST pit is my favorite because that means I'm enjoying a FIRST competition so I'm just plain happy anyways. Koko Ed Jessica Boucher
Go to Post ...if two good things are good by themselves let's do them both together to make a better thing. So who's up for an apple pie burrito? Katy Chase
Go to Post To think that one can "learn" engineering in 6 weeks while under the strain of building a robot too is proposterous. FIRST isn't about teaching. It's about inspiring. Collin Fultz Andy A.
Go to Post After talking with the students on these teams I could see the light in their eyes. These were their robots! Inspired? That would be a definate YES! Steve W omutton

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