Go to Post But if we just re-play "Triple Play" then what in the world will the Game Design Committee do with all that new-found free time? Since they wouldn't have to come up with a new game, they would have to concentrate on other things - like how to enforce the proposed "no metal on robots" rule. - dlavery [more]
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Go to Post Hey Baker - get a haircut! :) Sean Schuff Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Dave Lavery, Lou Rosanio and Karthik are all Woodie Flowers winners this year. So mentors it seems like if ya want the WFA it might be a good idea to put on a kilt :) Kyle Billfred
Go to Post This is about more than building a robot, we cannot only do the fun things. If you are fully involved than you will be prepared to do anything in life. Andy Brockway Jaine Perotti
Go to Post Any FIRST pit is my favorite because that means I'm enjoying a FIRST competition so I'm just plain happy anyways. Koko Ed Jessica Boucher
Go to Post ...if two good things are good by themselves let's do them both together to make a better thing. So who's up for an apple pie burrito? Katy Chase
Go to Post To think that one can "learn" engineering in 6 weeks while under the strain of building a robot too is proposterous. FIRST isn't about teaching. It's about inspiring. Collin Fultz Andy A.
Go to Post After talking with the students on these teams I could see the light in their eyes. These were their robots! Inspired? That would be a definate YES! Steve W omutton
Go to Post Chief Delphi isn't for making enemies...it's for making friends. Alex Pelan Kyle
Go to Post Now, I either need to convince Mike Martus to start the webhug early (or move it back 1 hour), skip the webhug, miss the first part of the presentation, or just clone myself. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post Okay, okay, I'll bring your Krispy Kremes to the Championships ... I bought them right after the '03 Championships ... I'm sure they are still in the attic Natchez Steve W
Go to Post Tell them your newfound passion for FIRST as a program, and let them know all you're doing is getting more involved to broaden your FIRST horizon Dorienne omutton
Go to Post Although I don't agree with the ref's call...we accept it because a ref's call is a final call. David Guzman Billfred
Go to Post keep making a difference out there everyone...slowly but surely everyone will catch onto FIRST and then the world will be a better place :) tiffany34990 Barry Bonzack
Go to Post GP makes us all on one and the same team. They understand that in order for any of us to succeed, we need to help out where we can. It is why you will see so many other teams helping a team with a failing robot, buggy software, team strategy, etc. Al Skierkiewicz Billfred
Go to Post You will find friends among all FIRST students who will become very good friends of yours, will care and help you with anything that you need help with. This is my personal opinion, If you are hooked, dont ever let it go. Arefin Bari Katie Reynolds
Go to Post If I thank everyone that I want to, we might be here for a while Karthik omutton
Go to Post Knowledge is power. Know whats coming and you can be ready for it when it happens. KenWittlief Daniel Brim
Go to Post What really matters is what you got out of the FIRST season, and how you can use it to build on what you know. Adam Richards Arefin Bari
Go to Post It certainly shows to never give up, even if all you can do is score a single tetra. Joe Ross Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I know nothing. Erin Rapacki JVN
Go to Post If there isn't unity in your team, the outcome will never be good. Arefin Bari Jaine Perotti
Go to Post What seems logical to you will seem strange to someone else. Never assume that someone else will do the logical thing. Wetzel Billfred
Go to Post I remember...my first nationals in 1998, when I was in High School, and thinking "Wow, that's really cool. Engineering looks fun..." Karthik Billfred
Go to Post Questions are rarely stupid. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post As far as we know, FIRST could replace football by 2018! Adam Richards Daniel Brim
Go to Post You can expect to see the the same old same old again this weekend! Another set of fantastic experiences for thousands of kids across the country. And once again, Mission Accomplished. Aidan F. Browne Daniel Brim
Go to Post Well I have to admit, most of the people on our team are geeks. I think that it's a title of honor considering it might as well be "boss" or "head supervisor" or something along those lines. Cyberguy34000 Jill1022
Go to Post If you have a problem with a team, go to that team and address it with them. Don't air your slanderous opinions here for all to see. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post So remember, we may be envious of teams who can do water jet cutting and has every possible monetary and engineering advantage, but there are many more people who are envious of every team who has a chance to compete. Rombus Winged Globe
Go to Post Ken Patton rocks my socks off! Josh Hambright Daniel Brim
Go to Post Guys wearing pink, that strikes fear into my heart now :). Cyberguy34000 Gabe Salas Jr.
Go to Post Don't take things too seriously; It's supposed to be fun. :) ScoutingNerd175 dlavery
Go to Post Your opions and statements DO reflect on your team and its' reputation, regardless of what your disclaimer says. Chris Fultz dlavery
Go to Post Volunteer...it will make you see a totally different side of FIRST. Collin Fultz dlavery
Go to Post Seriously, when I grow up (or if I grow up) I want to be just like Al. Paul Copioli Josh Hambright
Go to Post I encourage the communication of constructive ideas on how to make FIRST a better program. meaubry Katie Reynolds
Go to Post They may call us geeks and nerds, but deep down under that prejudice they know they want to be the hard-core, sleep-deprived, hand drill-toting, robot builders we know we are! vijay24 Katie Reynolds
Go to Post A sign of character is the ability to move on and make the best of what you have, even if you feel you were completely wronged. Cory Katie Reynolds
Go to Post Dwelling on the past does nothing for the future. Cory Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Obviously, really large issues need to be addressed, and if you feel there is a huge problem, by all means, go ahead, if you can be polite, productive, and graciously professional, address it. Amanda Aldridge Billfred
Go to Post Winning is an outcome, not the whole point. StephLee Billfred
Go to Post FIRST is not all about the robot, it's about the experience. Don't sour yours by whining about it later. StephLee Billfred
Go to Post Safety glasses may be a nice forehead protector, but thats not what they are made for. Quatitos Billfred
Go to Post Batteries don't help you if they're lying on the field. Kevin Sevcik Beth Sweet
Go to Post Intent is determined by those that are doing, not those that are watching. meaubry Jaine Perotti
Go to Post You're never too cool for a giant conga line around an arena. Michelle 236 afowl
Go to Post teams that REALLY deserve to win will find ways to overcome a marginal officiating decision. Also, teams that REALLY deserved to win will try not to put themselves in that position. Chris Hibner Josh Hambright
Go to Post So why are we trying to go to Mars? It's because it's bigger, better, and bolder. Doing what nearly no other team can do, and defying all those who say it can't be done. That reward is a lot more than 9 points. Mike Marc P.
Go to Post There are times when your team will struggle and there are times when it will achieve great victories. There will be times when unknown and uncontrollable factors will intercede to provide an unexpected outcome for which your team must compensate. Travis Hoffman Jaine Perotti
Go to Post ...our football team was a state champion, but i don't see -them- going to atlanta and winning there! :D Sam Lipscomb Jill1022

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