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Go to Post I have some free time tonight (What?) Brandon Martus Billfred
Go to Post So remember, we may be envious of teams who can do water jet cutting and has every possible monetary and engineering advantage, but there are many more people who are envious of every team who has a chance to compete. Rombus Winged Globe
Go to Post Ken Patton rocks my socks off! Josh Hambright Daniel Brim
Go to Post Guys wearing pink, that strikes fear into my heart now :). Cyberguy34000 Gabe Salas Jr.
Go to Post Don't take things too seriously; It's supposed to be fun. :) ScoutingNerd175 dlavery
Go to Post Your opions and statements DO reflect on your team and its' reputation, regardless of what your disclaimer says. Chris Fultz dlavery
Go to Post Volunteer...it will make you see a totally different side of FIRST. Collin Fultz dlavery
Go to Post Seriously, when I grow up (or if I grow up) I want to be just like Al. Paul Copioli Josh Hambright
Go to Post I encourage the communication of constructive ideas on how to make FIRST a better program. meaubry Katie Reynolds
Go to Post They may call us geeks and nerds, but deep down under that prejudice they know they want to be the hard-core, sleep-deprived, hand drill-toting, robot builders we know we are! vijay24 Katie Reynolds
Go to Post A sign of character is the ability to move on and make the best of what you have, even if you feel you were completely wronged. Cory Katie Reynolds
Go to Post Dwelling on the past does nothing for the future. Cory Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Obviously, really large issues need to be addressed, and if you feel there is a huge problem, by all means, go ahead, if you can be polite, productive, and graciously professional, address it. Amanda Aldridge Billfred
Go to Post Winning is an outcome, not the whole point. StephLee Billfred
Go to Post FIRST is not all about the robot, it's about the experience. Don't sour yours by whining about it later. StephLee Billfred
Go to Post Safety glasses may be a nice forehead protector, but thats not what they are made for. Quatitos Billfred
Go to Post Batteries don't help you if they're lying on the field. Kevin Sevcik Beth Sweet
Go to Post Intent is determined by those that are doing, not those that are watching. meaubry Jaine Perotti
Go to Post You're never too cool for a giant conga line around an arena. Michelle 236 afowl
Go to Post teams that REALLY deserve to win will find ways to overcome a marginal officiating decision. Also, teams that REALLY deserved to win will try not to put themselves in that position. Chris Hibner Josh Hambright
Go to Post So why are we trying to go to Mars? It's because it's bigger, better, and bolder. Doing what nearly no other team can do, and defying all those who say it can't be done. That reward is a lot more than 9 points. Mike Marc P.
Go to Post There are times when your team will struggle and there are times when it will achieve great victories. There will be times when unknown and uncontrollable factors will intercede to provide an unexpected outcome for which your team must compensate. Travis Hoffman Jaine Perotti
Go to Post ...our football team was a state champion, but i don't see -them- going to atlanta and winning there! :D Sam Lipscomb Jill1022
Go to Post Honestly, no one at a FIRST competition is gonna judge you. Chances are, there are least 20 people dorkier than you. JohnnyB Beth Sweet
Go to Post Use checklists. If it's good enough for NASA, it's good enough for FIRST. Rick TYler Billfred
Go to Post the jocks may have muscle, but we have extruded aluminum :D [527]phil Billfred
Go to Post My suggestion is to first focus in on your drive base. Get it running, and drive it into the ground and see what breaks. Then fix it. Rinse wash and repeat. Andy A. Billfred
Go to Post The secret to this whole thing is that it's the robot that builds the team. JohnBoucher Elgin Clock
Go to Post Students dream up the ideas for bots, it is than up to the mentors and engineers to make these dreams a reality. dddriveman Bharat Nain
Go to Post Earlier today, I finally saw a copy of the [WFA] essay that was submitted by my team (there will be a separate reckoning later with all those that kept this a secret from me). The narrative overwhelmed me. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post There's more elegant ways to play defense than beating on the other robot. Bill Moore Billfred
Go to Post umm i don't have a life. so no, i really doubt i'll go to the movies anytime soon. wait, does...april count as soon? nehalita Billfred
Go to Post Thanks everyone for being so positive- this just reaffirms why I love F.I.R.S.T. and volunteer my time to this program and the awesome students involved! Weightmn Jessica Boucher
Go to Post We started FIRST to achieve a common goal and not only will we leave with more knowledge and wisdom, we will leave as friends and thats what really counts if you ask me. :cool: Hick18 Andy Baker
Go to Post I admit that it isn't practical...but it sure is fun. Crebb Billfred
Go to Post Anything is capable of happening in FIRST. Dorienne Kyle
Go to Post It's cool when good things happen to good people. :) Rich Kressly Kyle
Go to Post And while I am not that big on hero-worship, I am pretty darn proud to know Dave. However, this does not mean that I will stop picking on him MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post At GLR our team only had to deal with a bunch on kids seeing snow for the first time. With all the ensuing snow fights and vainly trying to run up the giant snowy hill behind the arena. Kevin Sevcik Beth Sweet
Go to Post IT ISN'T THE STUDENT'S JOB TO DISCIPLINE OTHER STUDENTS. That's why God invented mentors. Let them do their jobs. Collin Fultz Billfred
Go to Post Surely any group of rational human beings (which FIRST seems to attract) can work this out. Billfred Kyle
Go to Post FIRST always talks about grandmothers and making them proud. So FIRST---you made my grandmother proud. Collin Fultz kjohnson
Go to Post Build a student a robot and it will keep him/her busy for a few days in the spring. Teach a student how to build(design, wire, program) a robot and they will stay away from home, use some really strange language and wear funny clothes the whole year long. Al Skierkiewicz Jaine Perotti
Go to Post It's ok to be tired. That's what CD Mods are for. Jessica Boucher Billfred
Go to Post Mentors can't get tired, it says so in the manual. SENIOR mentors, therefore, must have a different manual! KathieK Billfred
Go to Post Either way, FIRST works. You just have to keep the big picture in mind. Lux dlavery
Go to Post each year the chairmans award is given to the team the judges think deserve it the most, for that year. How can it be any other way? KenWittlief Billfred
Go to Post Be civil in all things and you will get far. Wetzel Billfred
Go to Post In the end engineering is what happens between your ears, not what you build with your hands, not what a machine spits out. KenWittlief Beth Sweet
Go to Post As a team leader if I do not INSPIRE I have failed, and I do not like to fail. Mike Martus Billfred

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