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Go to Post I hope there are people in this world who love you too much to let you mentor while you are in college PayneTrain cadandcookies
Go to Post Our wheels just keep falling off. SenorZ itsjustjon
Go to Post We're not here to build robots. We're here to build students. GreyingJay rsisk
Go to Post I want my students to learn passion. I want them to care so much about what they are doing that they infect other people with it... be that FRC or anything else. marshall Kwolfe
Go to Post I never wanted to be a teacher. This was the year I learned that I am one. It turns out mentors are teachers. Oops. marshall Kwolfe
Go to Post A good robot with great strategy beats a great robot with good strategy. Brian Maher CalTran
Go to Post Looks like I'm late, but in the grand tradition of Chief Delphi, I'll butt in and beat the dead horse anyway! PayneTrain Collin Fultz
Go to Post Curse those filthy wrench-swinging rivet-popping screw-driving hammer-smashing mechanical barbarians. Hand over the robot to the programmers! cjl2625 Whippet
Go to Post My mom's cousin heard from her friend who heard from her brother who heard from his barber who heard from his son that his teacher told him that his father's brother's sister's former roommate heard from Frank himself. notmattlythgoe ctt956
Go to Post The culture has shifted, people. You can act shocked and complain, and likely lose the attention of the students you want to reach through FRC and other activities, or you can shift with it, and make FRC relatable and relevant to a bunch of good kids with foul mouths. mrnoble Edxu
Go to Post I've be addicted for 15 years. Tried to quit but failed. Gdeaver maxnz
Go to Post In the now immortal words of will.i.am, "This stuff is really good!" neshera blarson001
Go to Post Dean will make America gracious again seth.brugler Philip Arola
Go to Post What are you people going to rumor mill about if we ever actually get a water game? Kevin Sevcik cadandcookies
Go to Post Pros of living in California from a Canadian standpoint: FRC on-field glass doesn't occasionally have shoe marks on it Edxu ATannahill
Go to Post Thou Shalt Not Leave Crap In The Walking Path. Billfred GreyingJay
Go to Post Eating at Pappy's is the only St Louis activity for me. Cory frcguy
Go to Post AND... ...GET OFF MY LAWN! You young whippersnappers. dang nabit... Joe Johnson dez250
Go to Post This thread is going to make me spend my entire tax return on multitools. Lil' Lavery ctt956
Go to Post We can still do better, even if we've come a long way. cadandcookies Jon K.
Go to Post I will read this blog, read your stories, learn from you, and be a better mentor because of you. You give me hope. Your diversity brings me joy. Carolyn_Grace Jon K.
Go to Post FIRST is NOT just about robotics. It is about the growth of leaders - of Gracious Professionals... MysterE Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post After all, when any student is isolated because of a difference - because of race, gender, social beliefs, or ideological concepts - we all lose. MysterE Ozuru
Go to Post There are "Problems", and then there are "Solutions". Understand the Problem, and keep your mind open to alternative solutions. Don't get married to a Solution. rich2202 Billfred
Go to Post Making even just one person feel safe and included in FIRST is how we know that we have succeeded. Mr_Moko Basel A
Go to Post Who needs daytime soaps when one can watch FRC matches? ;) lkg9999 ctt956
Go to Post At every event I've seen this year, there has been at least one robot that left a part on the field. Even some of the robots have decided they don't want to play and this year and made a break for it in autonomous! :yikes: ctt956 Oslim1999
Go to Post Is CAD essential to all teams? No, but neither are power tools. 346CADmen KMeyers
Go to Post TL;DR: The robot battery (and your car battery) aren't going to electrocute you unless you stab a positive and negative wire from them into your heart. In which case you have plenty of other problems besides. Kevin Sevcik MikLast
Go to Post How you say something is often just as important as what you say. Rachel Lim itsjustjon
Go to Post Build the wrong robot that aims well or build the right robot that can't aim.... decisions, decisions.... Tom Bottiglieri JesseK
Go to Post Though winning is not the end, that doesn't mean it's not important. Michael Corsetto CalTran
Go to Post It's funny how many things learnt in Physics class at school I am able to apply to FRC. pilleya Billfred
Go to Post 1 alliance wins a given tournament but all teams teams have a chance to define, chart, and create their own success. PayneTrain Lil' Lavery
Go to Post Everyone please breathe before you post. Jessica Boucher cadandcookies
Go to Post If I'm going to mentor someone, I'm going to be involved in their life as a positive force. Mechvet GreyingJay
Go to Post Don't be too distracted by the shiny robots, and the games they play. Enjoy them, but keep your eyes on the real prize(s). gblake Whippet
Go to Post If chairs really inspired me that much I would be in woodcrafting club and not robotics CJ_Elliott Andrew Schreiber
Go to Post Is your team sponsored by Rube Goldberg? bdaroz GreyingJay
Go to Post Mark McLeod, spreadsheet whisperer PayneTrain plnyyanks
Go to Post Minnesota could pioneer the idea of suspending a field 20 feet above the other field and have true double decker events. PayneTrain cadandcookies
Go to Post Question: How can you tell the difference between an engineer and a programmer? Answer: You ask them to count. Engineers start counting from 1. Programmers start counting from 0. Ed Law alephzer0
Go to Post I'm sure they liked the size and power output but disliked when they were on fire. notmattlythgoe Billfred
Go to Post When your driver is the "world record holder in Mario Cart" you know it's going to be exciting for the students and stressful for the pit crew. :ahh: lovelj Golfer4646
Go to Post Al's Murphy's law corollary...If it can go wrong, it will on Einstein Al Skierkiewicz plnyyanks
Go to Post Our team has one goal: be ourselves. PayneTrain Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Free time? You mean the time it takes the code to build? axiomofdarkness jajabinx124
Go to Post Ahh yes, the good old "let's dedicate all our resources to absolutely cheesing the opponent alliance" strategy Jaci Billfred
Go to Post Tell the truth - that's really a small barbecue grill on that robot isn't it. Tom Line frcguy
Go to Post Last I checked, this was a competition... just checked again, yup still has Competition in the name. Andrew Schreiber ATannahill

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