Go to Post Announcers don't keep the score. They are fairly outgoing people, make witty remarks, and wear goofy shirts. We can't take them too seriously. :) - Andy Baker [more]
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Go to Post Yes, this year's championships could be decided by cheesecake. MrJohnston GreyingJay
Go to Post I think your robot is lacking in non-threatening, huggable design. Kevin Sevcik Whippet
Go to Post FRC: so inspiring, even car thieves can't handle it. evanperryg Whippet
Go to Post I think it would be beneficial for us frogs to be in the new hopper division zsm150 JaneYoung
Go to Post We do not pursue awards, we pursue greatness and the awards follow. Sunshine Alan Anderson
Go to Post Robots that don't obey the laws of physics will be checked for alien technology and magic. Greg McKaskle Whippet
Go to Post Winning, the objective, the thing you can point to and say "See that? We want to do that. What can we do to make our program better, to improve our chances at that?" is what has grown FIRST from 28 teams in a high school gym to where it is today. Joe G. Ian Curtis
Go to Post Most people who say "winning doesn't matter" have not won enough to have a balanced opinion on the issue. T^2 Amanda Morrison
Go to Post "There's plenty of room on the top for everyone" ... it's not a top if everyone is there. Alyssa WillRobinson
Go to Post The ideals that are held by myself and by many of the longtime FRC mentors and volunteers whom I consider friends and colleagues are bigger than FIRST, and we will find (or make) another vehicle for them if we are forced to. Jared Russell Cory
Go to Post Some of us should be so lucky to have something go wrong on Einstein. Kevin Sevcik Whippet
Go to Post Who knew there were this many FRC teams that are teams! Very impressive, I might add. Shrub
Go to Post Drive Trains are overrated MaGiC_PiKaChU Whippet
Go to Post Yes, no more dancing. Robots is serious business :rolleyes: wilsonmw04 robochick1319
Go to Post Be the change you want to see. staplemonx Koko Ed
Go to Post I'm down with banning the Chicken Dance (and take the Macerena with you when you go)! Koko Ed Whippet
Go to Post It's The Hunger Games and those lucky teams are Prim. Gregor Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post Part of FRC is to introduce you to how engineering is in real life: you can't use a redo card if you're landing something on the moon. The other Gabe Lil' Lavery
Go to Post He told me "I guess I am still learning Mr. King." I told him "That's a good thing. So am I." mathking Collin Fultz
Go to Post you must understand when wearing that FIRST Volunteer shirt, you personally & directly represent FIRST, and you do the best job for FIRST as an organization, that you can in performing that job....Period. cglrcng Koko Ed
Go to Post Advances in STEM are meant to benefit everyone, so even the most basic-level of understanding deserves to be validated and encouraged. moamomen Shrub
Go to Post Sometimes, it's all about the people. nixiebunny Whippet
Go to Post At the end of the day the game is what brought us to the location, but its the people that got the party started. IronicDeadBird Whippet
Go to Post You do know that totes are supposed to go through the chute right? Not humans? themccannman Whippet
Go to Post Thank you for Recycle Rush, the largest FLL game ever. Dan Petrovic Bryce Paputa
Go to Post That wiring job is so sexy I would date it. RoboChair Siri
Go to Post If the GDC doesn't want better teams to strap components on to other robots, they should design a game that doesn't require better teams to strap components on to other robots to win. Tom Bottiglieri Pat Fairbank
Go to Post The only thing I am learning from this thread is the difference between who is arrogant enough to objectify their own interpretations and who is wise enough to question their own interpretations. Michael Corsetto Siri
Go to Post I find it ironic how the game "Recycle Rush" can create so much waste. bEdhEd Karthik
Go to Post This just in: moving sideways still a colossal waste of time. TheOtherGuy Whippet
Go to Post For some people FRC is an introduction into STEM and just a way to open someones eyes to a world they might not know exist. To other it is a lifestyle that makes crossfit look casual. IronicDeadBird cadandcookies
Go to Post Have you been formally diagnosed as a masochist, or are you just a mentor? GeeTwo cadandcookies
Go to Post They know how to make paperweights into other objects, like robot controllers. Greg McKaskle cadandcookies
Go to Post Thinking about this game within the confines of previous years will limit you. Gregor Whippet
Go to Post Thank you GDC, for keeping everyone honest! dtengineering Whippet
Go to Post This may very well be the weirdest Chief Delphi thread of all time... Ginger Power GeeTwo
Go to Post We were just going to drive our robot into the alliance station wall until the match ended, but now we might be changing up how we approach the teleop period. PayneTrain bduddy
Go to Post Rules arent built around robots. Robots are built around the rules. dodar Whippet
Go to Post Once we know how magic works it's no longer magic; it becomes science. Karthik PayneTrain
Go to Post Change your process to change your product. Justin Montois Whippet
Go to Post It's not about the equipment, it's about the program. Taylor Whippet
Go to Post If all you are is a nail, every hammer looks like a problem. Alan Anderson Whippet
Go to Post Inertia is one cruel mother. PayneTrain Whippet
Go to Post The best way to get to Einstein is to analyze the game, figure out which three robots would make up the ideal Einstein alliance, and then design, build, iterate, and polish the one that best matches your teams' capabilities. Jared Russell cadandcookies
Go to Post It's not just well and good that students are being inspired, it's the whole dang point. James1902 Alan Anderson
Go to Post The great thing about FIRST is that there actually are 3,000 ways to win. Find yours, and leverage it. Siri aryker
Go to Post Seasons are often made or broken in the first week of build season. 1114 wouldn't be repeatedly giving their strategic design seminar if it wasn't that important. Knufire Edxu
Go to Post "By three ways we may learn wisdom: first is by reflection, which is noblest; second by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience , which is the bitterest." bEdhEd Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post You inspire your way. I'll inspire my way. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post "The compressor is half the temperature of a toasted Subway sandwich." Ashley Hartley Grey Mann

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