Go to Post You can have any color robot you like, so long as it stays that color. So you shouldn't have to worry unless you have a chameleon bot. - Kevin Sevcik [more]
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Go to Post There hasn't been an announcement to buy pool noodles yet. Considering that they are already out of stores in most of the country, draw whatever conclusion that you like. Joe Ross Jessica Boucher
Go to Post FIRST gives everyone lots of practice in getting used to late nights. waialua359 Whippet
Go to Post CIMs are NEAR indestructible and I <3 them for it. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post Sports have the power to change culture in a way that games do not. Nate Laverdure Whippet
Go to Post I have long since stop trying to predict what the GDC will do. FrankJ Whippet
Go to Post For me, this is the most powerful message of FIRST, that people can come together and work together to achieve so much, and leave old rivalries, grudges, and hard feelings behind. When people talk about culture change, this is what I hope for. Aren Siekmeier Shrub
Go to Post You will find the LRI, Head Ref, & FTA don't have a lot of time for popcorn during a competition. :) FrankJ Whippet
Go to Post I think this is the forest that ChiefDelphi often misses as we're picking the branches off every tree. Libby K Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post I thought it said Cheesecake Regional and that's why I'm here. madhav Aren Siekmeier
Go to Post The only fee our team charges is for your heart and soul. No refunds. Koko Ed Boe
Go to Post How well does peanut butter transmit heat? Lil' Lavery nathannfm
Go to Post If mecanum wheels are the answer, I have found that I have asked myself the wrong question. jwfoss Basel A
Go to Post It's about picking a good alliance, not good robots. evanperryg Whippet
Go to Post Friends don't let friends drive mecanum. Enough said... Botsup Boe
Go to Post Happy Championship and may the odds be ever in your favor! Jon Stratis Jay O'Donnell
Go to Post Wow, 4 pages of arguments over water...... Is it the off season or what? Botsup EricH
Go to Post Corndog is the new water game. Basel A Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post Now the real question is where are corn dogs located on that list? That is truly all that matters. Thad House Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post First, corndogs and now cowbells... when will you make the pain stop, Frank?!?!?! barn34 Whippet
Go to Post “Hey, why are those numbers showing, it must be a game hint!” Listen, please – it’s not a game hint. Our game hints typically start with something like “This is a game hint!” - Frank pwnageNick cadandcookies
Go to Post The future is a dark and mysterious place, and trying to force our current methods on that are patently absurd. Taylor brennonbrimhall
Go to Post Robot teams will expand to fill the available space. topgun Whippet
Go to Post The key is to get the WHOLE TEAM to understand that you are designing and building a robot, which is a complete system - not just a collection of mechanical assemblies stuck together. SteveGarward techtiger1
Go to Post 254 bends CIM shafts every now and then in the drivetrain. I didn't believe it was possible until I saw it myself. AustinSchuh Richard Wallace
Go to Post New CAD computer one day and the 254 Build Blog + Tech Binder the next? Christmas in July really does exist. Billfred
Go to Post Either way... woop! FRC is awesome! Steven Smith Whippet
Go to Post There are no simple solutions, as every solution has its own problems. M. Lillis EricH
Go to Post I just want to see Aerial Assist again. Played on Lunacy regolith. With minibot poles. Which are on coopertition bridges. Is that too much to ask for? ;) M. Lillis
Go to Post I had a fight with my robot once during competition. I felt bad about it and apologized. Tommy F. aryker
Go to Post If the GDC made a game that consisted of driving in a straight line, it would probably be the hardest game in FRC history. themccannman Hallry
Go to Post It made me want to do a swerve drive, but then I smacked myself. Nemo Aren Siekmeier
Go to Post 7 divisions would be... interesting. cadandcookies Jessica Boucher
Go to Post You don't have enough money, you're under-staffed, you're not quite sure what the customer wants, requirements change, and they want it yesterday. Kimmeh Martian86
Go to Post Want the TL;DR of it? Keep it simple, effective, and easy to use. Andrew Schreiber cadandcookies
Go to Post Just keep doing. Everything. Keep designing, keep building, keep learning, keep fundraising. Build more robots, try more ideas, compete more and more and more. brennonbrimhall
Go to Post first post and the FRC "well what is a stick" comes in. Toothpick, does it need to be round, does a carbon fiber chain of Buckie balls count as a stick. CD posters are sooooo predictable. Foster EricH
Go to Post I also exclusively use FRC team numbers when punching in times for the microwave. Calvin Hartley Jarren Harkema
Go to Post Start building your robot as soon as possible, but not sooner. Richard Wallace Whippet
Go to Post When I'm hiring an intern "Award Winning VRC Notebook" isn't applicable. But "Award winning technical documentation" sure is. Andrew Schreiber gblake
Go to Post Why does school have to get in the way of more important things like FIRST? When would we ever need to know about the stuff there teaching in here? Briansmithtown MichelB
Go to Post You can't observe things that aren't seen or reported. Andrew Schreiber dubiousSwain
Go to Post Your best friends are all team members and you could never live without any of them because robotics people are the best people. Riverdance MichelB
Go to Post Read the rules. And then read the rules again. Then, get together as a group and read the rules together. Knufire bduddy
Go to Post After all FIRST & CD are both places to learn everything. popnbrown Taylor
Go to Post You know you're addicted to FIRST when you text your mentors more than your friends from school. LindsayC Kevin Selavko
Go to Post Learn to respect the opinions of others, even if they are the complete opposite of yours. Hallry JRuegsegger
Go to Post Many students I have met will insist that nothing is better than FIRST robotics. And most people would agree that a ham sandwich is better than nothing. So does it logically follow that a ham sandwich is better than FIRST robotics? tsaksa Briansmithtown
Go to Post We are all one big team, even though we are split into thousands of smaller teams. DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post You mean how many Edible Data Analysis Metrics and Aggregated Measurable Entities (EDAMAME)? Andrew Schreiber Billfred
Go to Post Isn't FIRST robotics the answer to life, the universe, and everything? weberr Whippet

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