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Go to Post I fear not the drive team who has practiced 10,000 defenses once, but I fear the drive team who has practiced one defense 10,000 times. -Bruce Lee bEdhEd Whippet
Go to Post and Bob's your uncle. Joe Johnson rsisk
Go to Post You know those gravitational waves you keep hearing about recently? Those weren't created by colliding black holes, they were created by our boulders colliding with the opposing alliance's tower. JohnFogarty Conor Ryan
Go to Post We're somewhere in the range of ludicrous speed to bench grinder. Ginger Power Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post So, volunteer Field Resetters are to meet in the school's weight room for training? :D Roger Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Teams whose goal is to play on Einstein think about strategy differently from teams whose goal is to be selected for an alliance at a district event. alopex_rex Whippet
Go to Post Every match they would leave blue and red skid marks all over the carpet. It was like someone roadkilled a Smurf. Koko Ed Ozuru
Go to Post Karthik is afraid of the day he can't agasabapathy. DesignComp Billfred
Go to Post I'm exceptionally bad at taking my own advice, is all. Libby K CalTran
Go to Post Secure your battery well, or it will fly like a fish. Nate Laverdure Chief Hedgehog
Go to Post Secure your battery well, or it will fly like a fish. Nate Laverdure Collin Fultz
Go to Post The other day, I stuck my head into a box of Rhino treads and got a sugar high. Andy Baker MikLast
Go to Post Flash drive? I was thinking floppy disks... :ahh: . MrForbes Ozuru
Go to Post Looks like it will be to your advantage to keep the Refs happy. Remember, Donuts go a long way toward that end! billbo911 TGurlik
Go to Post "I got flour all over my Chromebook!" frcguy JasonBecker
Go to Post How are you planning to teleport balls? Or your robot? I was pretty sure that the battery couldn't supply the required power draw. RoboChair frcguy
Go to Post The low bar will make your electronics team cry. Joe G. Ekcrbe
Go to Post FIRST is here to reach the affluent, already college-bound students with boundless resources; it is also here to reach the poverty-stricken urban and rural students who don't see a diploma as worthwhile, and everybody in between. Taylor Ekcrbe
Go to Post Ask the right questions and you can get the right answers. Chief Hedgehog Ginger Power
Go to Post Own your words. Joe Johnson Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Doughnuts would probably be a pretty good alternative to churros. However, that could be open to debate. Calvin Hartley frcguy
Go to Post Let this be a lesson to everyone to never make changes to manufacturing drawings without issuing a new rev of the drawing itself... Cory Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Give me enough gearboxes and I'll move the world. SenorZ itsjustjon
Go to Post Why climb up to the scaling rungs when you can move the entire field down to your robot's height? marcusbernstein billbo911
Go to Post A 823543:1 reduction should be fine if you ever need to pick up a truck...or a house. Tim Sharp Heburn
Go to Post FIRST robots definitely meet many commonly agreed upon definitions of robots. Some will disagree. Good for them. In my opinion, it's not worth arguing over. Mikell Taylor Amanda Morrison
Go to Post They are "Human Dream and Inspiration Enablement Devices" but since that takes too long to say and explain I use the word "robot". Foster GreyingJay
Go to Post They are "Human Dream and Inspiration Enablement Devices" but since that takes too long to say and explain I use the word "robot". Foster Brian Maher
Go to Post And if you are unhappy about me using "robot", let me break your heart over what we've done to the word "cheesecake". Foster asid61
Go to Post However, I think the laws of physics indicate that doing so is going to be very difficult at best. EricH CalTran
Go to Post I check Chief Delphi more often than I check Facebook and Twitter combined. It's probably unhealthy actually... Ginger Power Chak
Go to Post The real world doesn't snap together easily. Joe G. Whippet
Go to Post If it were easy it wouldn't be worth triple the points, right? SenorZ aryker
Go to Post I remember eating dinner once. Long before Build season. Now, we only eat aluminum swarf and disappointment. BeardyMentor Amanda Morrison
Go to Post I design gears and gear boxes for a living. I am HAPPY to write a check and have a solution in mailed to me. Joe Johnson CalTran
Go to Post 10:50PM, 1/14/16: I predict that hot dog wheels will grace Einstein before Mecanum wheels will. You heard it here first. CalTran Whippet
Go to Post I don't care if you use hot dogs for wheels. If you're scoring points, and you fit the strategy, it's fine. evanperryg sportzkrazzy
Go to Post Theory is when you know everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but you don't know why. On our team, theory and practice comes together. Nothing works and nobody knows why. CalTran logank013
Go to Post If that due diligence shows that a real need for action exists, *then* grab the pitchforks, and light the torches. gblake Collin Fultz
Go to Post Maybe if we get lucky [the GDC] will just say chute door. IronicDeadBird Whippet
Go to Post Moat confirmed, he was only mostly wrong swnylm Qcom
Go to Post I put the encrypted manual file onto a 5-1/4" floppy disk, so I'll have it with me when I go to the kickoff event and pick up the kit. MrForbes MikLast
Go to Post [This year's game manual contains] 46 new pages of pictures displaying how to attach bumpers, assuring at least 15% of teams almost get it right this time. PayneTrain Whippet
Go to Post It's official: we've run out of things to talk about. Jessica Boucher Jon K.
Go to Post FRC is not worth giving up your grades. Gregor GeeTwo
Go to Post If you want to win, steal from the best, invent the rest. Michael Corsetto frcguy
Go to Post Your attribute of personal sacrifice is very noble, but FIRST needs YOU to be successful first. DanKein Karibou
Go to Post [how to read the rules] Slowly, carefully, word by word, taking your time as if it was the last corndog of the summer. Foster Richard Wallace
Go to Post Which puts us precisely where we were six months ago, but slightly more entertained. cadandcookies Basel A
Go to Post Good story telling and animation know no age limits. BMiller2559 Whippet

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