Go to Post To me, being in FIRST is the biggest learning experience anyone can have. I want to give that experience to everyone I can, be it now or thirty years down the line. - BandChick [more]
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Go to Post Everyone has regrets in robotics- it's how you learn from them that makes all the difference. Kevin Leonard TedG
Go to Post But here's the beautiful thing about FIRST: you are supposed to make mistakes. RunawayEngineer DonRotolo
Go to Post We're all human, we all make mistakes. How you deal with mistakes and problems, is what really elevates successful people, robotics teams, organizations, etc. above the rest. artdutra04 Rman1923
Go to Post Same as regrets in life: Learn from them. This is called "growth". DonRotolo bijan311
Go to Post A problematic dynamic and culture becomes apparent when failure persists for such a duration and reoccurs so frequently that students begin to accept it as the norm, and never learn the proper way to do things. sanddrag Ari423
Go to Post In an education culture that hinges on having the perfect grades and perfect SAT scores to get into the perfect colleges, I enjoy providing an environment where students are encouraged to test their own hypothesis, challenge their assumptions, and regularly fail. Michael Corsetto Tom Bottiglieri
Go to Post RoboRIO brownout (v, n): The GDC's alternative to limiting the number of motors allowed on a robot. GeeTwo Billfred
Go to Post Heat Gun(n.):Your build season replacement for a microwave. jajabinx124 The other Gabe
Go to Post Swerve Drive (n.) - a set of mechanisms to ensure the robot will sit dead on the field for half of that robot's first event Kevin Leonard Whippet
Go to Post Autonomous Mode (n): A moment of silence observed prior to every Week 1 or Week 2 match. Dan Petrovic efoote868
Go to Post Theory (n.) - A mythical place where all robot designs work. MechEng83 rockinthespecs
Go to Post Mentor-built (adj.): A term describing a robot that is better than your own, and / or a robot with paint on it. Chris is me Logan Byers
Go to Post But you are an influencer: Use it for good. DonRotolo Kevin Leonard
Go to Post Thank God for the Technokats. Koko Ed Taylor
Go to Post Good thing you skipped this year. You don't need exhaustion to sleep through Recycle Rush. Gregor Koko Ed
Go to Post To think that the seminal work on the FRC experience is about the least favorite game of all time, being played by a team that no longer exists, is either the height of insanity or a master stroke of inspiration. GeeTwo Karthik
Go to Post While those ideals might exist in black and white perfection; in the real world, with very rare exception, they can only be implemented as compromises in shades of gray. gblake evanperryg
Go to Post There is a problem getting girls interested in STEM. Swift, immediate action is required. Continuing to stay the course leads to disaster. Madison Karthik
Go to Post Avoid the impulse to shoot from the hip, and find out the full picture before deciding where you stand. gblake MechEng83
Go to Post When more STEM teams exist outside schools than in them, that will be one indication that a true cultural change has occurred. gblake Kevin Leonard
Go to Post I think there is much to be learned from working in teams, and team projects, but even more when you go out on your own some time for something you are truly passionate about. paul_v Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Of course 254 owns Battlebots too dodar Ekcrbe
Go to Post There's 2 things that are really hard in CS - naming things, cache invalidation, and off by one errors. Andrew Schreiber MikLast
Go to Post Leave it to CD to misconstrue a joke this badly. connor.worley Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post I would rather KEEP the structural integrity of my skull, thank you. carpedav000 Whippet
Go to Post Just make a FIRST version of Quidditch. The only people who would be complaining are drivers from previous years who wanted to play it. Koko Ed DarkRune
Go to Post The world is run by those that show up... AdamHeard rsisk
Go to Post I was very concerned about this thread. Then I realized you were talking about a computer. Taylor DarkRune
Go to Post "Things don't get done unless somebody does them." CaptainKirby BrennanB
Go to Post We have not always been a winning team but we have always tried to be a quality team. WynS cadandcookies
Go to Post As a team sponsor, we are more concerned with the behavior, attitude and commitment to FIRST ideals than specific performance in the competition. Some of our teams perform well, some struggle, some are in the middle. We support them all in every way we can. Chris Fultz JaneYoung
Go to Post The magic is ALL in the mentors. AdamHeard Koko Ed
Go to Post Ban the ingredients for cheesecake, and stores will find substitutes. Remove the market for them, and stores have no reason to make them. Rachel Lim Collin Fultz
Go to Post In the end, you get out of FIRST what you put in. BlueLipstick Whippet
Go to Post It is often less about what you say, and more about how you say it. IKE Dan Petrovic
Go to Post The minute you get a functioning mechanism start working on a better one RyanCahoon
Go to Post The best we can all do for our kids as parents, mentors and world citizens, is to model [Gracious Professionalism] always: not to win an award, but because it is the right thing to do. chapman1 GreyingJay
Go to Post Haters gonna hate, Cheesers gonna cake. Ryan Dognaux smurfgirl
Go to Post Work hard. Then work even harder. Work until there is nothing left to work on, then work more. RoboChair Boe
Go to Post Work hard. Then work even harder. Work until there is nothing left to work on, then work more. RoboChair JaneYoung
Go to Post The world isn't changed by people playing it safe. Andrew Y. Beaker
Go to Post Each team should ask not what their alliance can do for them, but what they can do for their alliance. artK
Go to Post All the powerhouse teams will be having powerhouses dinners with each other in the powerhouse restaurants, probably. T^2 Nathan Streeter
Go to Post Blasphemy! This is FRC we must over analyze everything! Ginger Power Koko Ed
Go to Post Yes, this year's championships could be decided by cheesecake. MrJohnston GreyingJay
Go to Post I think your robot is lacking in non-threatening, huggable design. Kevin Sevcik Whippet
Go to Post FRC: so inspiring, even car thieves can't handle it. evanperryg Whippet
Go to Post I think it would be beneficial for us frogs to be in the new hopper division zsm150 JaneYoung
Go to Post We do not pursue awards, we pursue greatness and the awards follow. Sunshine Alan Anderson
Go to Post Robots that don't obey the laws of physics will be checked for alien technology and magic. Greg McKaskle Whippet

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