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Go to Post If chairs really inspired me that much I would be in woodcrafting club and not robotics CJ_Elliott Andrew Schreiber
Go to Post Is your team sponsored by Rube Goldberg? bdaroz GreyingJay
Go to Post Mark McLeod, spreadsheet whisperer PayneTrain plnyyanks
Go to Post Minnesota could pioneer the idea of suspending a field 20 feet above the other field and have true double decker events. PayneTrain cadandcookies
Go to Post Question: How can you tell the difference between an engineer and a programmer? Answer: You ask them to count. Engineers start counting from 1. Programmers start counting from 0. Ed Law alephzer0
Go to Post I'm sure they liked the size and power output but disliked when they were on fire. notmattlythgoe Billfred
Go to Post When your driver is the "world record holder in Mario Cart" you know it's going to be exciting for the students and stressful for the pit crew. :ahh: lovelj Golfer4646
Go to Post Al's Murphy's law corollary...If it can go wrong, it will on Einstein Al Skierkiewicz plnyyanks
Go to Post Our team has one goal: be ourselves. PayneTrain Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Free time? You mean the time it takes the code to build? axiomofdarkness jajabinx124
Go to Post Ahh yes, the good old "let's dedicate all our resources to absolutely cheesing the opponent alliance" strategy Jaci Billfred
Go to Post Tell the truth - that's really a small barbecue grill on that robot isn't it. Tom Line frcguy
Go to Post Last I checked, this was a competition... just checked again, yup still has Competition in the name. Andrew Schreiber ATannahill
Go to Post It is not your banners that make you nor the trophies that line your walls. It is the willingness to be brave in the face of defeat and compassionate in the winds of victory that create you. MysterE techtiger1
Go to Post Calling the refs "zebras" is just fine. Just don't call 'em late for dinner (or visually impaired). EricH Whippet
Go to Post Many of us are engineers who value precision and accuracy in communication. Words mean things. Alan Anderson Whippet
Go to Post It worked in CAD. ey206208 ctt956
Go to Post When is comes down to it, remember what FIRST is really about, it is about those students and helping to inspire them E3 Robotics Ctr Jessi Kaestle
Go to Post This reminds me a lot of how millennials are regularly called out for simply being younger and having different perspectives. In the end it's the ones who are calling them out in unprofessional in ways that end up embarrassing themselves and looking uninformed. Karthik dag0620
Go to Post 1/4" baltic birch plywood is most of our metal. z_beeblebrox Whippet
Go to Post Chief Delphi's Greatest Hits vol. 47: Overreactions to Q&A responses Lil' Lavery plnyyanks
Go to Post You can take my blocker... but you can never take my cheesecake! Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post Meanwhile I'm over here with with my completely see-through poly-carbonate blocker prototype laughing. JohnFogarty Whippet
Go to Post Understand the problem before trying to apply bandaids. You might not even be putting the bandaids in the right spot. Bryan Herbst Whippet
Go to Post Blue shirts are ALWAYS watching. And they have spies everywhere. Always be on your best behavior, and be polite to every volunteer at the event. Andrew Schreiber aryker
Go to Post Note: Please don't actually mob them or cause them any harm. It's just a saying people. :) CalTran cadandcookies
Go to Post Isn't the professional level for us called a job? CalTran GreyingJay
Go to Post Who am I kidding, FIRST is so much cooler now than it was when I was a youngin'! Michael Corsetto Taylor
Go to Post +15 thread derailment points EmileH alephzer0
Go to Post IMHO, [the driver's] job is to drive the robot. The coaches job is to monitor everything in a match that isn't your robot. CalTran TimTheGreat
Go to Post Stand scouting allows you to get to know the robot. Pit scouting allows you to get to know the team. Taylor logank013
Go to Post Ah, to be a teenager and know everything again. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post Sometimes people are just offended too easily. Sometimes offensively so. GeeTwo GreyingJay
Go to Post Remember: This is High School Competition. rich2202 Lil' Lavery
Go to Post Your robot weight goes up after you release the balloons. Re-inspection! GaryVoshol CalTran
Go to Post Changing lives as a key volunteer is not a right reserved for the "elite" among us anymore. HurdFIRST cadandcookies
Go to Post I don't thinks shorts should be allowed in the pits. Remember to insulate all of your wires! Jalerre Alan Anderson
Go to Post shhhh...our robot is in a bag now, it won't hurt anyone till the milwaukee wisconsin regional. hopefully it won't be fiesty. don't wake it. Toatekua Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Cosmic background radiation is not an approved bumper material. Nate Laverdure Whippet
Go to Post Robot gets bored during practice, wanted to listen to some podcasts. Tom Bottiglieri frcguy
Go to Post It's all about that bumper quality. Gutherie88 itsjustjon
Go to Post Some said the aluminum foil gave the robot a NASA-like quality, but others pointed out that blanketing components with a highly-conductive material that blocked air flow was probably not going to help get us to Einstein. beerobber frcguy
Go to Post it's possible, based on his widespread approval, that Frank is in fact a collection of kittens in a human suit Andrew Schreiber ATannahill
Go to Post If you find yourself extremely upset, frustrated, angry, or any other term of emotion, please stop and ask yourself why you participate in FIRST. indieFan Bkeeneykid
Go to Post I'm throwing the Unnecessary Sarcasm Flag here. Joe Johnson engunneer
Go to Post I don't have enough vacation time for them to start allowing video replay. TJP123 Alan Anderson
Go to Post Robotics is fun, but it isn't the most important thing in life. Wayne TenBrink GaryVoshol
Go to Post Lose a year of bumper making and everyone's a rookie again. mrnoble EricH
Go to Post Right now that dream is sealed behind a few milimeters of plastic for most teams. AllenGregoryIV Pat Fairbank
Go to Post Smells like gracious professionalism in here... :) marshall Whippet

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