Go to Post We need to find the female engineering mentors in FIRST and start having them present/co-present technical conferences at the championships. We need to start showing the girls on the teams that there are female engineering "rock stars" to look up to. - Kims Robot [more]
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Go to Post I can't wait till FIRST starts giving anti-gravity kits inside the kit of parts. Rob Colatutto
Go to Post A stack is a stack is a stack. (How Profound!) Paul Copioli
Go to Post Often heard exchange in the shop: "The physics don't allow that." "But it's so cool!" MBF
Go to Post Analysis is a tool. Like any other tool you need to figure out where and when to use it. That's the tricky part. ChrisH
Go to Post Backstabbing your opponents at the last second will not help you win friends and word will get around pretty quick. Your team will be shunned and distrusted for years. People have long memories, and some of us mentors have been playing this game since you kids were playing with blocks. ChrisH
Go to Post "automated chaos" nuff said. Jferrante Astronouth7303
Go to Post Thank you lord I knew there was a reason I got 10 books on autonomous robotics. Adam Y.
Go to Post FIRST is aimed at those girls on your team. They don't know anything about mechanics, or electricity, or programming, or machining. They have no interest in it, either. They're perfect candidates for FIRST. Madison
Go to Post If you want to prove your worth, prove it by creation, not destruction. DanL
Go to Post "It's not a weapon, it's an active bumper system." Ameya
Go to Post This 6 weeks of work, sweat, thinking, designing, building, talking, discussing, turning wrenches, wiring, programming, drawing on chalk boards, eating pizza, drinking mountain dew, with the students - is what the FIRST experience is really about. meaubry
Go to Post Ö itís all good as long as the kids are inspired. AdamT
Go to Post The only people who are dumb or ignorant in this world are the ones who don't stop and ask why. T967
Go to Post The only thing more dangerous than a Programmer with a screwdriver is a Hardware Designer with the root password... kmcclary z_beeblebrox
Go to Post "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein Edward Debler
Go to Post "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." - Albert Einstein Edward Debler
Go to Post "Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Albert Einstein Edward Debler
Go to Post "Take a man to a FIRST contest and he's entertained for three days. Teach a man to build a FIRST robot, and he's out of your hair for six weeks a year..." kmcclary
Go to Post drill holes, that should fix it E. The Kidd
Go to Post The best [fundraiser] that we did was our various little things this year, such as calanders and other things. The worst is not doing one at all. Joe Matt
Go to Post And let's face it their junk is our robot! jrgrim12
Go to Post The spirit of FIRST lives in all of them[us]. Knowledge is power and the unknown is scarey but in the end the spirit of FIRST will endure. LSevcik
Go to Post Texas! Here we come! Harrison
Go to Post Being involved with FIRST is a privilege, not a right. Katie Reynolds
Go to Post You can either spend lots of energy complaining about it and whining or you can try to figure out how to make a positive experience from the whole thing. dlavery
Go to Post For Pete's sake, don't concentrate on the entry itself... concentrate on what your team is doing to make an impact in your community. Andy Baker
Go to Post ALL technology is run on 'Magic Smoke' contained within the device. As everyone knows, whenever the magic smoke is released, the device ceases to function. kmcclary
Go to Post The Glass is Half Full - Optimist.......The Glass is Half Empty - Pessimist.......The Glass is too Big - Engineer mpking Kyle_Solo
Go to Post If duct tape isn't the answer, you're not asking the right question. Morgoth
Go to Post I'm looking foward to the challenge! Adrienne E.
Go to Post You only really ever need 2 things in your tool box: A Hammer to separate things that shouldn't be together, and Duct Tape to put things together that shouldn't be apart. Dave_222
Go to Post Mentor to Student: "It's OK, if you mess it up you just get to do it again." EStokely
Go to Post "We'll fix that in programming" EStokely
Go to Post the point is that FIRST is successful, in so many different ways Pamela
Go to Post Success is inspiring high schoolers to get real world experiance through internships with their sponsors. Pamela
Go to Post I'd rather have a bot in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. Neal Probert
Go to Post "The hardest part about building the robot is figuring out what to build..." Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post FIRST is kind of like charity work... you are, even if only in some small way, helping our future just a little bit, and you get a great feeling from it. Even if you are just ringing a bell (or clapping MOE sticks together), you're helping. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post We are different, but in our differences we help the world continue to grow, change, become inspired. Different is NOT bad. Be true to your self, be weird, be dorky, be crazy, be a geek. :) chellyzee93
Go to Post ...all that matters in my opinion is how much personal growth each one of you all achieve from being a part of this wonderful organization known as the FIRST robotics program. Elgin Clock
Go to Post It is usually the simple things that get you. Andy Brockway
Go to Post Although it is tempting, try not to toot your own horn in this thread. While you may have an awesome bot, the real compliment should come from other teams. Andy Baker joshsmithers
Go to Post FIRST is not the party- its the people. We can have a great competition no matter where we hold it. Wayne C.
Go to Post The best moments of our lives fall in two categories: those that did happen and those that did not. Jnadke
Go to Post Duct tape can fix everything except relationships with other people. dixonij
Go to Post Success to me is a feeling that is associated with achieving something you truly worked hard for; something that you can look at and say "That's my best work." OneAngryDaisy
Go to Post Never be afraid to admit your ignorance, and ask someone something. You may just learn something new... kmcclary
Go to Post Nats allows an exchange of a vast multitude of ideas from everywhere. Not only in robot design, but accents, tool storage, pit design, team spirt, clothing, many things. Wetzel
Go to Post A drag racer can have all the output torque in the world, but it does no good on ice. Paul Copioli
Go to Post Success isn't from winning nationals but from improving as a person or as team. Putting the minds together in order to get the job done is success. Melissa Nute

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