Go to Post I was proud that there was no whining, no finger pointing and no complaining. - Vikesrock [more]
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Go to Post I had a few jokes about the illness and germs at some of the competitions, but I don't want to spread them around. tsaksa Kevin Selavko
Go to Post Cut it out with the paper airplanes! Frank hath spoken! cgmv123 Drivencrazy
Go to Post Programmer says autonomous will work 100% perfectly...Great way to clear the room of all mechanicals and all but the boldest electricals EricH Kevin Selavko
Go to Post Corn dogs for everyone! DCA Fan JYang
Go to Post Scrap it and use the cheesey poof's design vladtheimpaled TheHolyHades1
Go to Post The competition is over, I have no other FIRST-related activities to pursue–WHAT ELSE AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE BUT BROWSE CHIEF DELPHI UNTIL JANUARY???? David8696 Whippet
Go to Post You can sometimes step outside the box if you have properly thought through the question. Jim Zondag cadandcookies
Go to Post At the end of the day, and this is where many may disagree, it's about what is learnt and not about who wins. popnbrown bduddy
Go to Post More later, if anyone's interested and I still have homework to avoid. Chris is me TheHolyHades1
Go to Post Facebook for FIRST already exists. It's called Facebook :) dcarr Alan Anderson
Go to Post Fancy that, better robots winning matches... DampRobot aryker
Go to Post The Scouting Award exists. It's called "Championship Winner". Chris is me Grim Tuesday
Go to Post it's called the Mars Rock automode (you sit there and wait for Opportunity to come along). EricH DanielPlotas
Go to Post Data is never ugly. It is only how you use it that can be. Ed Law kiettyyyy
Go to Post Don't put any weight into the OPR. It's ugly and its momma dresses it funny. wilsonmw04 Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post Q: "What does your robot do?" A: "It collects data about the surrounding environment, then discards it and drives into walls" tsaksa Whippet
Go to Post Maybe next season I want to develop and test a new metric for FRC scouting: Bumper Quality Rating (BQR). BQR-5: The platonic ideal of FRC bumpers. ... BQR-0: Moderate to heavy use of duct tape. I believe BQR would outperform OPR as a predictor of on-field robot performance. Nate Laverdure Christopher149
Go to Post You know what they call the graduate with the lowest GPA in med school? Doctor. You know what they call the fourth robot in the alliance that wins Einstein? Champion. Billfred A_Reed
Go to Post You know what they call the graduate with the lowest GPA in med school? Doctor. You know what they call the fourth robot in the alliance that wins Einstein? Champion. Billfred Johnbot
Go to Post If any of these alliances happen, I think i'll eat my computer. Anupam Goli JNajarian
Go to Post P.S. No matter what happens a build season, you will always have memories. Briansmithtown RamZ
Go to Post I would like to complain about the game as well. Complain, complain. Monochron cadandcookies
Go to Post FRC is a game of mentors. The best teams are guided by mentors who know how to balance on the knife edge of pushing the envelope and achieving success. Mr. Van rsisk
Go to Post It's sooo stressful! I brought my suitcase to school today, and I still don't know if we're going! elfenari Jessica Boucher
Go to Post What am I going to do with all of these torches and pitchforks now? PayneTrain Whippet
Go to Post I believe in my students, I encourage them to fail in their endeavors to find the best formula. There is valuation in failure. Chief Hedgehog aryker
Go to Post As mentors we need to be good role models for students. Because like it or not, we will be role models. mathking aryker
Go to Post We had an over all losing record this year. When I look at kid's faces, they don't give a rip about that. I see excitement about the next event and talking about improvements for next year. Winning is nice, but that is not the reason I do what I do. wilsonmw04 Whippet
Go to Post When you tell any of your kids that winning isn't important, or isn't [I]that[/I] important, the flapping sound you hear is your credibility flying away. jlindquist74 martin417
Go to Post 100% of the robots on Einstein in 2009 had hard plastic wheels for their drive train. efoote868 Whippet
Go to Post Doesn't matter what you use if you can't drive it. efoote868 Whippet
Go to Post Honestly, I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to be a mentor. The fools don't know what they are missing. Steven Smith DjScribbles
Go to Post Everyone should go look at the baby pics….it will make you feel better. wendymom Whippet
Go to Post There is a really bad trap most people fall into, when presented with data they tend to trust it. This is dangerous. Andrew Schreiber cadandcookies
Go to Post I have never gone to a FIRST Robotics competition and not had fun. mathking aryker
Go to Post My favorite quote from my 4 year old daughter is, "if it works, who cares?" drwisley BBray_T1296
Go to Post Adam, when most of us look at your robots, we aren't thinking, "How Creative!" What we are thinking is more like, "Holy Crap!" Richard Wallace Ekcrbe
Go to Post The sword is only as powerful as it's beholder. But if you choose the labview sword you won't get much tech support at regionals. xXhunter47Xx Whippet
Go to Post Wow, an entire thread with positive comments. I must be on the wrong forum... but my URL still says chiefdelphi.com. Hmmmm... Chris Hibner Hallry
Go to Post The toughest part about that Chairman's Award was the fact that someone was cutting onions in the stands near 558/on the field while it was being read out. At least that was the excuse I'm going to use ;) esquared Jon K.
Go to Post Just once I'd love to see a team come out to the field and say " Team xxxx rejects our reality and accepts yours!" Koko Ed DampRobot
Go to Post I see all these people complaining about the FIRST game having perverse penalties for playing defense...then we play without defense, and still people complain. MrForbes z_beeblebrox
Go to Post Coopertition™ can take many forms. MrForbes Brian C
Go to Post Invest our time in enhancing the process of conceiving, designing, testing and deploying the game billylo Sparkyshires
Go to Post This is what happens when Engineers try to design a sport. Jim Zondag Kevin Leonard
Go to Post I am the person I am because I have come to accept the mistakes I have made, not because I try to change them. IronicDeadBird Whippet
Go to Post But please take into account that each year, the GDC has to come up with a rule book that will spend the next three months being picked apart by 40,000 of the brightest, most creative minds on the planet. I think they do an outstanding job of it. dtengineering Whippet
Go to Post As they say... I'd rather be lucky than good any day (especially Saturdays). :) JVN Amanda Morrison
Go to Post I watch students push themselves beyond their limits every year only to realize they have yet to find their true limits. JesseK dictionaria13

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