Go to Post So next time you speculate, label it as such and not as established fact. Please. Bad information is worse than no information. - DonRotolo [more]
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Go to Post You inspire your way. I'll inspire my way. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post "The compressor is half the temperature of a toasted Subway sandwich." Ashley Hartley Grey Mann
Go to Post I'm a bit wary about playing on the new fields, however, because of the Carson/Carver/Hopper/Tesla Curse. I hear no alliance from those divisions has ever won championships. Billfred
Go to Post A video is worth 30,000 words a second. Thromgord Whippet
Go to Post There is nothing that says 'gracious professionalism' like making brunch for your opponents. Monochron EDesbiens
Go to Post Andy Baker can legally touch the Red and Blue Carpet simultaneously. Taylor Whippet
Go to Post FIRSTers in particular want very strictly delineated guidelines so that they know exactly what parameters under which they're working, except when they don't. pfreivald Collin Fultz
Go to Post Use sensors to collect data about the surrounding environment, then discard it and drive into walls. Jared Russell saikiranra
Go to Post Use sensors to collect data about the surrounding environment, then discard it and drive into walls. Jared Russell BBray_T1296
Go to Post it is actually more important to understand and be able to clearly state the question than it is to know the answers. GeeTwo Taylor
Go to Post We live for those eureka moments. Whether we win or lose competitions, it's those moments when a student's idea makes something just "click" that will stick with them and influence them to become engineers. ToddF sircedric4
Go to Post Know what really grinds my gears? Metal Shavings. Briansmithtown Whippet
Go to Post Being Wrong Late is the number one killer of FIRST aspirations. Joe Johnson Amanda Morrison
Go to Post [on practice robots:] Twice the work and twice the practice building seem to equal twice the experience so far. MrBasse Alan Anderson
Go to Post It's a shame that this is likely the year that sacred ground will be touched by that unworthy drive :rolleyes: AdamHeard dodar
Go to Post How come the dropped tool ALWAYS rolls under the exact center of the workbench? DonRotolo Whippet
Go to Post I guess Team 999 was like "Chute first, ask questions later". KPSch dodar
Go to Post Pretty sure getting a frowny face from a safety inspector means you're doing it right. Cory
Go to Post Yes, the real world is like that. Let's operate on a higher plane. Taylor Billfred
Go to Post They showed me a new item and said "we don't know how to list this on the inventory." I took one look, started laughing and said "In my world that is called a game piece, aka, a tote." RoboMom Jon K.
Go to Post Teams rarely win FIRST events because they can complete actions that nobody else can; they win because they do things faster than others. Madison cadandcookies
Go to Post We don't tell new mentors about the Mentor VIP Adults Only Lounge, you'll get your key if we approve. We have leather couches, flat screens, and free corndogs in there. Monochron aryker
Go to Post FRC isn't for every school; it takes a lot of drive just to fundraise every year. It is a premium program that requires a premium about of effort to sustain and be successful. And man is it fun to do. JesseK Whippet
Go to Post "Don't you wish your drill bit was hot like mine?" BariSaxGuy MikLast
Go to Post Friends don't let friends prototype alone. SenorZ Whippet
Go to Post Wait, that's exactly how it's supposed to work, isn't it. Well played GDC, well played. alopex_rex Whippet
Go to Post You will find we are more talkative in about 5 1/2 weeks. ;) mrnoble cadandcookies
Go to Post Should you chance it? I dunno - how much of a learning experience do you want? :) crake cadandcookies
Go to Post "If I say its name three times, will it appear in my lab?" Madison Sparkyshires
Go to Post Stacking totes on end; Gives you extra height, alas; Topples with a sneeze. BethMo Whippet
Go to Post A HUMAN PLAYER is not a ROBOT. cgmv123 RyanCahoon
Go to Post The best way to win an award is to not try to win an award. MrTechCenter Whippet
Go to Post Take it from a team that mastered tank treads and still hasn't built them in over a decade - it's not worth it. Isaac501 EricH
Go to Post MR. KAMEN! TEAR DOWN THIS WALL! Briansmithtown Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post po-nos, cancans, and totes ma goats dubiousSwain Monochron
Go to Post Typed in "WaTeRgAmE" for the password and unfortunately it wasn't it. Bummer. Kuhnahtt Whippet
Go to Post Now go out, get some sleep, and build the greatest robot you have ever made. nicholsjj Ekcrbe
Go to Post CD is a forum provided by a group of people. You use it with their permission. Don't like it? Don't use it. Andrew Schreiber techtiger1
Go to Post Remember kids, it's not about the speed of your drive train, it's how you use it Michael Corsetto artK
Go to Post Sometimes students ask me if MIT wants students who are well-rounded. I usually say I don't care as much if you're well-rounded or pointy, what I care about is evaluating the space enclosed by the shape. Petey Whippet
Go to Post CAD pictures are cool, but hardware in hand is cooler. :) ajlapp cadandcookies
Go to Post Leave it to Cheif Delphi to make a thread go from discussing the imminent game hint to discussing what is the superior pizza topping. BriteBacon Whippet
Go to Post used to find BBQ(Blue Banner Quotient) and SAUCE(Sextuple Advancement Uniform Counting Era)[URL="http://bbqfirst.x10host.com/index.php"]bbqfirst.x10host.com[/URL] Happy BBQing! Beaker
Go to Post If you want to attach a name to your post then I might actually consider your opinion. Gregor Whippet
Go to Post Girlfriend? What is that? A rare Pokemon? DanielPlotas alephzer0
Go to Post Copies gonna copy. Arpan EricH
Go to Post The game hint is never late. Nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to. Oblarg Whippet
Go to Post If you let me borrow your time machine, there are various ways to fix this. But mine is on the fritz. Greg McKaskle cadandcookies
Go to Post (Funding will be plentiful...) Where is this magical land? We can move our team there! Tungrus Whippet
Go to Post So, the game hint is there is no game hint. tindleroot Whippet

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