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Go to Post One match does not determine the overall power of a robot. Anuraag Routray jaredhk
Go to Post Bag and tag is so unfair. The practice bot does all of the hard work and the competition bot gets all the credit and glory. smitikshah Katie_UPS
Go to Post We found the 558 team member using a fake account! notmattlythgoe rtomp
Go to Post TL, DR - Bag rules are dumb. Kris Verdeyen Justin Foss
Go to Post The quality and timeliness of the answers you get will be proportional to the effort you invest in wording your question accurately and unambiguously. Ether EricH
Go to Post Getting things to go the right places takes a certain level of finesse, and sometimes that finesse comes in the form of a hammer. firecrafty Volpidash2770
Go to Post I didn't do that math, because it's twice as depressing. Ian Curtis cadandcookies
Go to Post I would try removing comments from your code. You have no idea how much weight comments add to your code. Being overweight is usually the programmer's fault. BenDSterling Brian Maher Fan Club
Go to Post "It's not a beauty contest, it's put-a-block-on-a-thing contest." The Sofa ctt956
Go to Post If the greatest injustice we see in FRC this year is that a rookie team is allowed to compete when they show up with a kitbot that is 1/4" too wide, I for one will be ecstatic. Jared Russell Xand10
Go to Post Somewhere there is a forest which is crying out to be seen but is stuck behind a bunch of trees. Tom Bottiglieri Kpchem
Go to Post If the rules need to be read a specific way to convey the intended meaning, then they might not actually be clear. MrForbes Richard Wallace
Go to Post One of my former students went on to intern with SpaceX and Tesla, and is now back as a mentor. He came early today and I introduced him to my class. He got a pretty solid reception that might compare favorably to being a pro athlete. The first question he got was about the $. mrnoble Billfred
Go to Post Also, unlike FRC most houses don't have to deal with other houses ramming them at high speeds repeatedly. Monochron Bkeeneykid
Go to Post I tell my kids "don't turn a small disaster into a larger one". girmann ctt956
Go to Post 6063 is the devils aluminum. Have fun deburring ALL your holes and cuts, frickin' cheese-grade I tell ya. RoboChair Monochron
Go to Post ďJust put a zip tie on it. Itíll buff outĒ. Thatís been our thing this year. Everything buffs out donít worry about it. George Willis ctt956
Go to Post The robot is talking to you, you need to listen. Al Skierkiewicz ctt956
Go to Post The postseason exhibitions in Houston and Detroit feel less and less like an opportunity for teams to enjoy FIRST and more and more like an opportunity for FIRST's donors to enjoy FIRST. PayneTrain ctt956
Go to Post You can always look back on the you from 5 years before, and realize how silly you were. ParkerF Billfred
Go to Post There seems to exist an entire contingent of people who are so blinded by brownie-dogma that they will not even entertain a new dessert paradigm. JVN JohnSchneider
Go to Post The first 80% of the tasks take 80% of the time. The final 20% of the tasks take the remaining 80% of the time. garyk baumgartensam
Go to Post I'm a lazy mechanical designer. Any problem I can bunt into the programming world I will. JamesCH95 Monochron
Go to Post Many years ago, when our team initially started this website, we hoped it would be understood by those that choose to use it - respectful, shared thoughts and ideas would yield a better FIRST community. meaubry Cothron Theiss
Go to Post What kind of chaos? If you would, please describe the chaos in more detail for the benefit of interested readers. Ether cadandcookies
Go to Post +1 for cardboard assisted design (CAD)! Richard Wallace Skyehawk
Go to Post Brevity is the soul of wit. JVN itsjustjon
Go to Post Reliability counts. Inconsistency makes great robots lose events. Murphy's law knows no bounds. ratdude747 aronsa
Go to Post I agree it's a terrible idea, but part of me also feels like it'd be fun ;) FredyK200 Xand10
Go to Post There is a game design philosophy which goes something like: "Understand the difference between challenges and frustrations. Eliminate frustrations. Do not leave frustrations in place and pretend they're challenges." JVN CalTran
Go to Post Walls are put there to see how much you really want it. Daniel_LaFleur RoboChair
Go to Post If there is no creative defense this year, I'll have to go back and re-examine a lot of my basic assumptions. Things like length, time, and gravity. GeeTwo cadandcookies
Go to Post You know that clever thing? Don't do that. It's ok to take risks if you think everything through, but if your CAD looks like an Inspector Gadget cartoon, its time to slow down... dmaggio744 Bkeeneykid
Go to Post Code for all scenarios you need to handle and pray to RNGesus. RoboChair kiettyyyy
Go to Post If you would like an official ruling, then you need to submit your question to the official FIRST Q&A. We're just a bunch of schmoes like you. Tom Line jaredhk
Go to Post Simple and working beats ambitious and flakey every time. Levansic MuskieProgramme
Go to Post I should read more documentation and less CD! MrNick Ty Tremblay
Go to Post ...as with most drive train decisions, I think it will come down much more to how well a team executes their design and drives their robot than the actual choice of drive trains. mathking ctt956
Go to Post We've been developing some ó as freshman put it ó "hella lit" code. solomondg Monochron
Go to Post Parts are replaceable, you are not. RoboChair ctt956
Go to Post Shaming students for not attending as much or leaving is not fair to them. Vale bduddy
Go to Post Check in with members that aren't in that core group more often. These are the members most likely to get ignored. Vale bduddy
Go to Post Show that the students matter to the team, and that they're doing something useful. Even the kids that you might not think want to be useful, they want to be useful. Vale bduddy
Go to Post Remind students that it's okay to take breaks, or even quit the team if they have to. Tell them you won't be disappointed, or upset. Even if students don't end up leaving the team, just knowing that option is available is such a weight off of one's shoulder. Vale bduddy
Go to Post My pants reflect those of my team. marshall IndySam
Go to Post you can't pick and choose which parts of your identity "actually matter" when you post online. Either own all of it or don't post - the disclaimer does nothing. connor.worley Jeremy Germita
Go to Post Make sure to get the polarity right otherwise things will get explodey. solomondg Xand10
Go to Post By harnessing the power of fractals, we can have unlimited power on our robot! Ty Tremblay cadandcookies
Go to Post Frank's gotta Frank. Katie_UPS Taylor
Go to Post It's crazy that people who don't know what it's like to be on a top team insist on knowing what would benefit top teams. Michael Corsetto Amanda Morrison

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