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Go to Post What's new and different about it? It's red. Lil' Lavery piersklein
Go to Post I can't speak for other teams, but typically on 973 we make robots that drive forwards and also backwards. AdamHeard Nick_Coussens
Go to Post Aim to have a rule added to the manual. marshall Billfred
Go to Post The better role models we can be, the better the new crop will be that come into CD. BrennanB Whippet
Go to Post ...there is a difference between the correct call and the right call. Michael Corsetto ctt956
Go to Post I heard tell the legacy usfirst.org site was run off an actual God-to-honest raspberry pie. Crust and all. Skyehawk Billfred
Go to Post Having an actual water game is more probable than Minnesota going to districts so you better buy a life jacket everyone hutchMN ctt956
Go to Post Welcome to the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition... Waitlist Whirlpool! SenorZ robochick1319
Go to Post I sacrificed a live chicken to the IT gods and I'm currently chanting the hymn of the old IT admin "Please work... please work... please work...". marshall Billfred
Go to Post I'm still looking for someone opposed to districts who actually is IN one. PM me. DonRotolo Richard Wallace
Go to Post ...distance is no matter when it comes to FIRST. We are a global community! robochick1319 ctt956
Go to Post Good communication would confuse me. I am so used to bad communication. Mastonevich EricH
Go to Post You may want to do some root-cause analysis on why you are looking for bulk duck(t) tape. Camren Billfred
Go to Post Fun fact: Both of the longest World Series games have now occurred at Minute Maid Park. Another fun fact: Einstein 2017 was still longer than both of them. TheBoulderite Volpidash2770
Go to Post Our team is attending an upcoming event this weekend, so I have to get my entire life and scouting sheet together. kevjapan Emmerz
Go to Post Just to confuse the GDC, that should probably be done on Q&A opening day... they won't expect a bumper question until Build Week 4! EricH Xand10
Go to Post We were actually going to question the rules this year about how sentient an AI has to be before we can call it part of the drive team... marshall firecrafty
Go to Post "The three most dangerous things in the world are a programmer with a soldering iron, a hardware engineer with a software patch, and a user with an idea." - Rick Cook smitikshah vigneshv
Go to Post There is no way forward if we think backwards from our predetermined conclusions and try to justify the reasoning later. PayneTrain Chris is me
Go to Post Be right back, have to go find out just how many tennis rackets I can put on a robot... Countersteer ctt956
Go to Post Don't worry about asking questions; asking around is how you learn more. CalTran ctt956
Go to Post I think this is horse hockey* but I concede that opinions are not data. Joe Johnson firecrafty
Go to Post Diversity of thought is what is valuable to a design process. DonRotolo Cothron Theiss
Go to Post Indiana has the perfect combination of lots of robots and no people living there. AriMB Bkeeneykid
Go to Post I look to the youth for inspiration. Chief Hedgehog frcguy
Go to Post After reading all of these comments on this thread, I'm starting to think maybe no one should be allowed to post on Chief Delphi. TheBoulderite frcguy
Go to Post Have you ever wanted to do something and then been told that you couldn't do it for at least another year for any reason and had your desire to do it fade over the course of that year? [...] Alienation is hurtful. Especially those who feel they have earned the right to not be. arichman1257 ctt956
Go to Post Let me get this straight - FIRST sees NO problem in constantly emailing freshly graduated alumni to donate money to the organization. Yet, can't see those same kids working more than just a safety glasses table. Akash Rastogi ctt956
Go to Post You can't teach stuff if you can't learn stuff. natth4545 GeeTwo
Go to Post Compile time is one of the few downtime moments programmers get. You can't take that away from us! nickbrickmaster EricH
Go to Post FRC isn't a program that is aiming for people that already want to go into STEM. The point is to expose people to these fields when they may not otherwise have had an interest in them, and cultivate any passion that forms out of that experience as a result of it. Chris is me Katie_UPS
Go to Post There is no secret sauce - but we get a lot more done with coffee. JuliaGreen Katie_UPS
Go to Post When teams encounter a problem with their design, sometimes it's best to stop and take a different approach, instead of continuing along a more difficult path. There are often many paths they can take to achieve the same result. Jon Stratis ctt956
Go to Post It's definitely possible to get very near to 100% prediction accuracy with machine learning. All you have to do is use a network at least as large as your data set and neglect to keep your training and testing data separate. Caleb Sykes brennonbrimhall
Go to Post Last time Frank told us change was coming, we got 2015...so... Michael Hill Jarren Harkema
Go to Post Team 1319 has won the safety award a mind blowing 19 times in the last 13 seasons (and easily could have done more). I don't think there is any team that comes close to that level of dominance. AdamHeard itsjustjon
Go to Post Theory is a nice place, I'd like to go there one day, I hear everything works there. JamesCH95 kmcclary
Go to Post We hope that FIRST can help to bring down walls between nations by offering understanding and cooperation among its young citizens. pribusin firecrafty
Go to Post FIRST may have a trademark on "gracious professionalism", but we don't have a monopoly on it. Jared Russell Billfred
Go to Post There are two ways to compete in this world; you can rise above you opponent, or you can drag them down. I'd like to think that we're wise enough in the world of FRC to be constantly evaluating ways to learn from others in an effort to rise above. Karthik tjf
Go to Post Let us celebrate that there are other groups trying to raise STEM to a higher place culturally and that robots are MFD. marshall Billfred
Go to Post If we could harvest a tenth of the meme generator power on the FRC subreddit or the FRC discord server and put it towards making tutorials for programming FRC robots then we'd solve this problem. marshall Billfred
Go to Post I don't have off seasons. I have intermissions. Koko Ed RoboDesigners
Go to Post Off-season - That precious time when one captain has graduated and the next hasn't started pestering you yet. Jon Stratis Joy4201
Go to Post Try to be nice folks. Life is hard enough without hurting the people we agree with. piersklein RoboDesigners
Go to Post The FIRST MEs need to go into field design asking that basic question "WWZD?" (What will the ZebraCorns Do?). GeeTwo Kevin Leonard
Go to Post We all engage our mouths before engaging our brains sometimes. To come along later, admit it, and apologize is admirable. rsisk ctt956
Go to Post We have not had a Friday lunch break for many years. Hang gears with one hand, eat corn with the other. Chris Fultz Billfred
Go to Post Nooooo!!! Travis Schuh Andrew_L

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